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    Guardiola in a nutshell by Jonathan Wilson

    For all that Pep has done, and he's done a lot I admire more a manager like Benitez who has stuck with his team when relegated, brought them back up on an extremely limited budget and now has them in a very acceptable position (based on money spent in the transfer market) in the league. Pep...
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    Premier League 2017/18

    Burnley seem to have no intention of winning this game. Very lacklustre performance so far
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    Tottenham’s quiet evolution slowly nears endgame under Pochettino

    Damm right we are the top side of London and long may it be so.
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    Team v Chelsea

    Hazzard IMHO is a classless twat and although I recognise he can be a game changer, when he decides to show up, hopefully this is not one of those games. They (the team and Conte) are in disarray and now is the time to get our revenge.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    Barca didn't play well at all, Messi apart, but the russian mafia were hopeless. Poor passing, no passion, running down blind alleys.....horrible horrible horrible. Hazzard in particulsr was absolutely useless as was their pathetic goalie. Perhaps the only one to come away with any credit would...
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    AFC Bournemouth vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    Looking forward to this game because as Bullet says it's our chance to move into 3rd at the bin dippers expense. I do so hope that Mauricio is able to motivate the squad for this game as we fans are desperate for a top 3 or 4 finish after Wednesday's disappointing game against the Old Lady of Turin.
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    3 Favourite/Best spurs players you have seen

    Jimmy Greaves Dave Mackay Harry Kane.
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    Spurs v Manchester United: Match Thread

    Playing at Wembley, certainly at the beginning of the season, felt like we were jinxed as the wins just weren't coming the way we had all hoped, 6 months on and it is certainly beginning to feel like home for many of the players. Should we progress in the F.A. cup and Champions Wembley might...
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    Lamela: ‘My brother is in a wheelchair

    Obviously the mutual respect and understanding that players have for Mauricio is what makes him so special in today's results based world. He obviously goes the extra yard for all that respond to his highly demanding system and life style
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    Flynn: 'Mauricio Pochettino is a class act

    Yep I fully agree even if several of our armchair warriors get their knickers in a twist with some of his selection and substitution decisions.
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    'It started to get a bit worrying' - Harry Kane on Newport

    Sure we could have played better or Mauricio could have started with a different set of players. But hey, shit happens and as Harry said we're still in the F.A. cup provided we get it right at Wembley, which we will.
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    Kane: first player to score more goals than Messi or Ronaldo in nearly a decade

    We are soooo lucky to have Harry playing for us while breaking all these records. Away from the Champions for a while we now need to cement our top four place before the games start stackjng up again.
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    Ralvy, my last post appears not to have gone through. Let's meet on Wednesday 20th at 6-6:30pm...

    Ralvy, my last post appears not to have gone through. Let's meet on Wednesday 20th at 6-6:30pm. then as this day suits you better.
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    Leicester vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Very disheartening result. We seem to be regressing of late and Mauricio appears not to have an idea how to stop the rot. Of course as fans we always want the team to win but against WBA and Leicester our defense has looked lethargic and our front line are missing too many chances. I wonder if...
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    Arsenal vs Tottenham: NLD Match Thread

    We will win. Love the tension already building but we are stronger than them in every area. COYS.