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    The Cricket Thread

    Didn’t know this was on. Wow, carnage.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    So proud of Harry. But he still doesn’t look 100% to me.
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 3 (16 June)

    Nigeria’s keeper ain’t 19 ffs.
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    Player Jack Grealish

    Can’t remember if someone said it but imo if we sell Sissoko and buy Grealish for roughly the same fee then the squad is improved. The bigger names will be coming, I’m sure.
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    Player Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    Burst of pace!
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    The England World Cup Thread

    Just seen this.....
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    The England World Cup Thread

    Lovely skill Rashford.
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    New Kit 17-18

    Seen these online. No idea if fake but thought I’d post.
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    New Kit 17-18

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    Player Gareth Bale

    Don’t worry about tonight. Dos Santos scored a hat-trick just before he signed.
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    Champions League 2017-18

    Proper laughing.
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    Champions League 2017-18

    What a goal. Can’t wait to see him in a Spurs shirt again next season.
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    The England World Cup Thread

    He’s on sky quite a bit at the moment, genuinely clueless.