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    Real Madrid set for £60m Hugo Lloris move

    Great player and Captain for the club but becoming a little suspect over the past season. 60 million for a 31 year old World Cup winner seems reasonable providing we get a solid replacement. I suggest Jack Butland at Stoke, bags of potential, young enough and second currently to Pickford for...
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    Agent delivers transfer update on Nkoudou

    Not telling us anymore than we knew.
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    R.I.P gilzean

    God bless. Great player and a gentleman. The G men him and Greaves. My condolences to his family
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    Tottenham not looking to sell players until after World Cup

    Seems we are not selling or buying players much for doing transfers early in the transfer market as Poch wanted......roll on transfer deadline day again.....I hope not. Wanted to see a see a settled squad before preseason for a change....looks like we are far away from this.
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    Alan Gilzean diagnosed with brain tumour

    Best wishes from all Spurs fans.
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    Trippier produces incredible World Cup stat vs Tunisia

    If England had played more down the right instead of the left Trippier could of had a field day. Great performance and MOM even though Kane saved us.
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    Historic moment as ex-player finally receives 1961 winners medal

    This was the first side to do the Double in that Century, the first British side to win a European Trophy ever and still no Knighthood for Bill Nick that led the way in playing entertaining football. At least Tony Marchi is at long last being justly rewarded nearly 50 years later. Well done...
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    Spurs join hunt for James Maddison

    I think this is a no go just speculation....prefer Grealish.Better option, very talented but needs Poch as a coach, young and English.....also will help the team to meet UAFA rules on squad qualification rules.....seems that rule gets forgotten by supporters
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    Spurs interest in Grealish makes sense

    He is a good player and maybe was the best player in the Chamionship last season. Has talent which I feel Poch will improve on. Young and English and worth a shot at the right price.
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    Tottenham pricing Dembele out of Serie A transfer with £30m valuation

    Ok let’s keep him and let’s his contract run down......maybe get 12-18 games out of him next season and he moves on a free at that’s charitt.
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    Tottenham pricing Dembele out of Serie A transfer with £30m valuation

    All players devalue at some stage in thier much has Levy forked out on lucky to get 5 million of that back. Dembele has been a good player with us for 6 years and some really exceptional performances. One year left on his contract.....u do the sums.
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    Spurs want over £55M for Toby

    55 million is a fair price for a 29 year old. He wants to leave and if we keep him for another year his value will drop, if he is unhappy, his performances will tail off and Poch does not like disgruntled players.Lets be honest he should have signed for Southampton, we stole him as he was...
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    Tottenham pricing Dembele out of Serie A transfer with £30m valuation

    He has been a great loyal player for us over 6 years, but he is now 30 years old and injury prone. He will be missed but 15-20 million would be a fair price to let him leave, as a sign of respect and a thank you for all his performances as a Spurs player.
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    Tottenham table stunning £48m bid for de Ligt

    Unless we are close to an agreement to selling some of our players I can’t see this......even Levy would be stunned reading the headline.....can’t see him or Poch agreeing to this fee.
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    Tottenham slap £25m price on Janssen

    Nor has Llorente.....33 years old....was that a bargain buy......just think Janssen deserves another mistake in his first season was trying to hard to impresss....snatch at opportunities in front of goal but held the ball up welll and made some good layoffs.