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    Player Watch: Victor Wanyama

    Pochettino isn't going to blood youth into the first team for the sake of it. He clearly thinks Lesniak isn't yet of the required level to be backing up the first string players. Wanyama is a proven Premier League player with Champions League experience. He'll be a very useful hand to have...
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    What our opponents' fans are saying

    It's comical, to me, that in their desperation they have started by convincing themselves it's a good sign he's signed so soon after meeting Sir Alex.
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    Christian Eriksen and his form !!

    That's something he's started doing more frequently in the past month or so and I'm not sure if he's doing it because of a dip in form or if doing it has caused the dip in form. It's not something he does often, more so as games drag on and he begins to tire. Most of the time he's drifting...
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    Christian Eriksen and his form !!

    Eriksen is a key player to how we play. He may not be the all-round action man that Dele Alli is, but that's not his style. He roams around finding pockets of space to keep the ball moving as others move into more dangerous areas around him. By and large, he does this well. My biggest...
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    Ex players that you think would flourish under poch

    I feel Rafa would fit Pochettino's style quite nicely, in behind Kane. Would probably be the same as it was under Redknapp where he's subbed off between 65-80 in most games, though.
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    New Kit 2014-15

    What if the purple is real and the hooped one is the sham...?
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    Squad numbers

    Most likely, but it would take away the fear of "what if." :)
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    Squad numbers

    Get Kane put on the back and say you'll add the number when it's confirmed (y)
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    Dier left out of U21 squad

    Also don't like that the comment indicates his selection was done on sentiment to the older 4 defenders rather than playing ability. Strange decision from Mr Southgate.
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    Paulinho Has to Do to Win a Regular Starting Place

    If he does number 1 then it should take care of number 2. With confidence, and in the right tactic, he's a good player. Trouble is our tactics don't suit him; that's his problem as the team is playing well; and as a result he won't gain confidence. He'll be a good player somewhere, it just...
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    Interview with Bale on Spanish Radio

    Kids always make mistakes. Some bigger than others. Not an issue.
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    Eriksen hails Spurs youngsters

    22 year old praises 23 year old "youngster." Well done TalkSport...
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    Evil Jan Vertonghen kicks a ball at a small girl's face - knocks her out

    Jan 'rocket foot' Vertonghen. I like it!
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    your favourite game as a spurs fan

    For games I've been to: Excitement - Tottenham 4-2 Newcastle (2001) - 3 red cards, 3 penalties, 6 goals and a beauty from Rebrov with the outside of his right foot. Satisfaction - Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal (1995) - My dad, my cousin and myself all Spurs fans, and my uncle (RIP :(), an Arsenal fan...
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    A little known Hillsborough fact: Colin Andrew Sefton

    Sorry for going back to a month old post but I missed this thread at the time and just spotted it. I was in with the West Brom fans for the game and it was very audible throughout the ground. There was more than one chant and it went on during the entire minute silence. I know they were in by...