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    Real Madrid vs Tottenham: CL Match Thread

    I would guess so. With Dier potentially dropping back into a 3 and Kane playing behind Llorente when required?
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    Serge Aurier

    I agree. As much as I like Trippier and Davies I think we benefit more from pace and power on the wings. I think we DO need to replace Walker with a similar player and I also think we need to do our best to keep Rose.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    It wouldn't surprise me if this has been brought up bearing in mind how thorough we are being and how we want to keep all option open as long as possible. I don't agree with the interpretation that this would indicate we are behind schedule.
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    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    I assume Dier and Dembele will play CM and we will go back to four at the back. I don't think Sissoko will be trusted to play deep.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    The Guardian report on last night's Europa league game says the track was covered with a makeshift green sheet and that the capacity was 54k. It should be 60k when the season starts.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    The article says that we are causing the delay to Chelsea because they don't want to share. In reality, and based on our experience, it always seemed optimistic to suggest they would be so far along to want Wembley at the same time we do.
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    The Race to the Title

    A point today means we are guaranteed second if we win at home at the weekend.
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    Christian Eriksen and his form !!

    With the low success rate of transfers I think it would be absolutely crazy to sell Eriksen for £20m. I think it's naïve to suggest he's easy to replace.
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    Player Watch: Clinton NJie

    Against arsenal we put he wide left for the last 10 minutes and kept trying to get him behind the full back. Seems like that is what will happen when he's playing supersub. It will be interesting to see where he plays when he starts, I would guess in the Europa. Will he play out wide with...
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    Tottenham Vs Man City: Match Thread

    Arguably our strongest team.
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    Team v Sunderland

    I think we will see the same as in the last match but with Son coming in for Dembele. It will be interesting to see if Lamela is involved after seeming to fall behind Ali and Pritchard for the last game. I would also like to see Trippier given a chance.
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    Son Heung Min - signed

    Chadli had a productive season last year. I don't see him getting dropped. Eriksen has played on the left and Kane can drop deep. I hope to see some flexibility from our forward players. If Son can finish, we might have a front four who all offer a goal threat.
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    Opinion of AVB in hindsight?

    AVB suffered from being stubborn to a fault. He would play a high defensive line despite having defenders who weren't comfortable with it. When his high defensive line wasn't working in a game he would persist with it until the end resulting in the team being routed a number of times. When we...
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    Our Squad 2015/16

    Didn't Mason and Bentaleb perform CM roles in a team that ended up 5th last season? Hasn't Dembele played a part of a central 2 many many times in a team that's finished 5th for a number of seasons? Hasn't Dier looked promising in midfield during the last 4 games? Yes its a shame we didn't...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 31st August 2015 THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

    No surprise with Wanyama. Southampton have drawn a line, like last year. We have Dier, Dembele, Mason and Bentaleb to play there so I'm not too concerned. We could even turn to Alli or Eriksen or Alderweireld. As for strikers, are Son and N'Jie going to offer more than Soldado and Adebayor? I...