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    Jermaine Jenas: Lasagne-gate still haunts me...

    No that's what they want you to do. It makes them feel imortant.
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    Are we still the leading English owned Club

    Out of the top English clubs ie owned by English interests only are we still the leading English club in the EPL ?
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    Man City Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Clattenberg pay back for the Mendes "goal".
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    Should we prioritise the Premier league?

    Good point.
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    City away.... 3rd standing!!

    Could always arse about.
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    Another Spurs are brilliant article...

    Forget about jinxes. They are just words.
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    Another Spurs are brilliant article...

    Don't be scared.
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    Luka Modric interview on Football Focus

    Alli is better. Glad Modric gone. No good having players whose minds are elsewhere.
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    Why are Spurs doing so well?

    The difference to the past is Poch is operating a totally different system with players who have bought in. One that he uses no matter the opposition with consistent results.
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    Harry Kane: hardest working player at Spurs

    Nice one Harry.
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    The word that shall never be used again...

    Totally agree. Stop being superstitious stop being scared to write optomistic material. Stop believing that what is written on this site can have any influence on results. Poch has delivered a completely new philosophy. One which does not rely upon star players turning up when they are in the...