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    Kane out until April with ligament damage

    Really need Son to stay fit for several weeks. He'll be a key man, but we do have a strong enough squad to cause any team problems. Son was outstanding during pervious Harry absences, he will be again.
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    Kane matches Drogba's derby goal haul

    All strikers miss chances but the greater one's like Harry create and finish more over a season. Some days everything go in others nothing goes in. Thats football. However the misses are soon forgotten when they slot away the winner. How many times has he done that for us. Let us enjoy him...
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    Can't complain, the draw gods have been kind.
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    Mousa Dembélé: the ultimate midfield controller

    Great article on summary of our outstanding middle field dictator. Hope he's well rested for Tuesday, we'll need a repeat performance.
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    Eamon Dunphy On Spurs midfield

    His words stink of the gargle he's so fond of. Not worth reading.
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    Moura in contention for Tottenham debut

    Son is undroppable atm. We need has energy and creativity. However, really looking forward to seeing Moura play , think he will be a great signing but he won't start this one, camo 10mins at the end at most. Played so little this season for PSG surely can't be fit enough for Posh's high standards.
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    Spurs v Newport - team news

    Great news everyone's available, can't remember the last time that was the case..
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    Dembele: 'I'm playing games and feeling good'

    He's a beast imo. He's one of the players most transformed under Poch. There is no better centre mid at doing what he does in the league possibly in Europe. Sure he doesn't have the vision to be a creative mid but he is excellent at holding the ball under extreme pressure and pulling the...
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    Alderweireld declares himself fit

    Great to have him back
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    Trippier wants to take England spot from Walker

    For me, Trips end product is fantastic, miles ahead of walker in that department. I feel there is not much between them defensively but walker just edges it there for me. Trips sometimes is not aggressive enough defensively , perhaps because hes flat out of gas after his forays forward? Both...
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    Pochettino reveals delight with Sissoko

    His second touch is usually a tackle :)
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    Man City Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Left foot, right foot...outstanding stiker in fairness.
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    Man City Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Fabio is known for make those brain farts, I was hope it wouldnt happen in a spurs shirt
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    Man City Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

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    Man City Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Well done Bobby...pen