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    The Race to the Title

    I'll start off by caveating that I'm not someone getting excited about our title chances. 15% at the moment apparently. Have a look at this... Lays out all the statistical expectations of the title race and some insight as to how...
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    Fiorentina Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Anyone know a decent pub showing the match around the west end? EDIT: According to the website of The Roundhouse in Covent Garden, they're showing it (as well as the Liverpool match). 1 Garrick Street
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - THE LAST DAY! 1st September 2014

    Fulham FC? Thankfully not! I'm still holding out for 10mins of magic... it's like being 3-0 down to Liverpool and Soldado scoring a hatrick in injury time followed by a 30 yard Lennon screamer into the top corner for the last kick of the game. Go on Levy, we all know you can do it!!!
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    PLAYER WATCH: Benjamin Stambouli

    Looks like Jay Kay from Jamiroquai.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - THE LAST DAY! 1st September 2014

    Chin up man... may as well enjoy these few hours whilst a Levy special is still possible. There'll be plenty of time for the sunk feelings tomorrow. Chucked in £15 for the SC coffers...
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    Morgan Schneiderlin

    Most would say Arnesen poaching... but then again... richer, younger, better looking, better looking missus, the boat, the success, probably other things too!!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 28th August 2014

    On the penultimate working day of the transfer window? Seems unlikely and unnecessary.
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    Tottenham Vs AEL Limassol: Match Thread

    "He's in the trees" according to the commentator. Ben?
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    Federico Fazio

    I liked that kid who did all the funnies on Spurs TV. Tim Love I think he was called - went to Pizza Hut if memory serves. Got good coverage from BBC etc for some of his stuff like Halloween. As for Fazio. He has jumped so high in my ratings just from that interview. Love that he was brave...
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    AVB nominates Levy for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Fair play... however... "on behalf of the charity ALS" highlights some ignorance of the point of it all. To quote the ALSA: I hope Spurs rectify the glaring omission that there is not a single reference to any donation made, or any call to action for people to help charities supporting ALS...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 22nd August 2014

    Klinsmann was 29 on the day he signed, Van der Vaart 27. hardly the twilight
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    Spurs in Spain

    I thought exactly the same :)
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    Spurs in Spain

    Seems like there's an Englishman and big Spurs fan playing in La Liga (well, kind of) who needs your help: From
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    ‘You cannot read his shot’ – Lloris talks up team-mate’s finishing ability

    But then the post/crossbar will always make the save from Freund even if the keeper doesn't. Guaranteed.
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    'Super Computer' predicts FINAL PL table

    There are all sorts of different ways they could have got to their initial team ratings. The value of a 'supercomputer' (which certainly doesn't need to be that powerful at all for what they have done) generating such a table is not about predicting the outcomes, it's about forecasting the...