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    Under Armour

    Stick with UA or go back to Le Coq who are making some nice kits again. Nike are just generic templates and pretty poor ones.
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    The Fighting Cock podcast

    For me it's the best one around. If it's like mates having a chat in a pub then thats fine by me. Not fussed about the swearing as I listen to it on my headphones while jogging. It's the only podcast that nearly got me killed crossing a road as laughing so much and not concentrating.
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    I really, really hate Arsenal.

    If it winds anyone up to a point where they are foaming at the mouth then I admire the passion but the best thing to do is just laugh it off. The more someones sees you getting upset then they have got the reaction they wanted. Wheelcahir has just done that to wind those sort of fans up into a...
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    Future stadia in pictures, including Tottenham

    I actually think ours looks good compared to most of them. Most are so far out that they will look outdated within a few years where ours has the less is more attitude and will stand the test of time.
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    Our centre backs for 2015-2016

    Alderwiereld and Vertonghen were great together at Ajax. Would love to see if that was replicated at Premier League level. Besides anyone we get in can't be any worse than Kaboul, Chiriches and Fazio. can they?
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    FACT: In the near future, we will be bigger than Liverpool

    And. All you will still hear from their fans is about how they were great once. If (and I quote if) we pip them to 5th this year then that will be twice in four years we have been above them. They might have trounced us but we are only behind them by a point. They are there for the taking.
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    Opinion of AVB in hindsight?

    I am happy for the guy. I liked him. People can say he is boring with his tactics and whatever but what matters most is what he has won on his CV for him. I do not get all this obsession about former managers if they go on somewhere else and win trophies even if it is in a lower league and then...
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    FACT: In the near future, we will be bigger than Liverpool

    I would rather live in the present thanks than live on past glories like the bin dippers do.
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    New Kit 2014-15

    I really hope not with their boring templates that they put every team in. For me going with Nike is a step backwards in kit design.
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    New Kit 2014-15

    Or this.
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    New Kit 2014-15

    In other words the other bitches overpowered you and said if you do what we ask we will give you a cookie.
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    New Kit 2014-15

    The red shield is in homage to our 1883 kit. they are staying true to our roots.
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    New Kit 2014-15

    If it is boring to you then skip by the comments.
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    New Kit 2014-15

    If you did not care then stop quoting me back. Yes I like to wear retro shirts. That does not make me chavvy like your brain is clunking around thinking it does. If I come across passionate then yes as I am. Happy with that or do you not care now?
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    New Kit 2014-15

    Good for you but calling anyone who wears a football shirt a chav just because you would not be seen dead in one makes you very up your own arse.