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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    Poch was master of our downfall, first taking Lamela off when we were winning, then taking Harry off (who is one of our best defensive players from set pieces).
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    Match Threads Inter Milan vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Christ Davies has been shit in that half, can't remember him doing one single worth any praise
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    Eric Dier- defender or midfielder ?

    Not a big fan, he tried hard but think he is one of the most limited players in the squad, slow, clumsy, and always has a big mistake in him, we should be aiming higher
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    Team vs inter

    So true, think people also forget how horrific Aurier has been up to this point
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    Predict the team and bench for first game (A) v. Newcastle

    Can't wait for first game, no excitement like it, world cup was good and all, but Spurs will always come first for me!!
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Wow I think i get eye cancer from just looking at this page, if AIDS was a page it would be this utter drivel
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Think its a mixture of Tunisia being dirty as fuck and no service. Remember England have no creative output like an Eriksen. Alli and Sterling were shit, meaning he was quite isolated up top.
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    Player Watch: Kieran Trippier

    Class performance, so much love for this guy
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Big fuck you to all the keyboard warriors who relentless said comments about Harry (Liverpool fans mainly), not speaking now!!
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Only in this country would our only world class player and captain be met with mockery, imagine Portugal doing such things to Ronaldo? No wonder we haven't won anything in over 50 years
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Leicester City - Match Thread

    Hard to believe this is the same Wanyama as last season, Vardy is having a field day with Dier as well, terrible tracking
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    Team v Leicester

    I am personally fussed about finishing 3rd rather than 4th, just so we can finish ahead of media darlings Liverpool, and finish the season on a high
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Newcastle

    Hope Trips injury aint too bad before the WC, thought he was one of the better performers
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United Match Thread

    Agree, guy hates the guts out of us, his criticism of Vertonghen of all players was rather peculiar
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United Match Thread

    Wanyama and Sissoko, a combo I never wanna see in a Spurs shirt again