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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Burnley

    Can't underestimate Llorentes role when he came on, situations like this are perfect for him coming on as a sub to unsettle the opposition, and is why I would keep him til the end of the season
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Massive credit to him and Poch for his improvement and stick at it. Seems to me his much more aware of his strengths and limitations now, and has a lot clearer about his role in the side (not being played AMR etc). His not the best technically, but is deffo up there physically, strength and...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Barcelona

    The way Lamela broke the lines and found space when he came on was a game changer, but still 10/10 for every single of the them (including Llorente)
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    Match Threads Barcelona v Spurs - Match Thread (CL Round 6)

    Any Barca team news?
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Leicester

    Feel the marking is a bit harsh on Davies, his ball to Lucas for Deles goal was sublime, not a flashy performance, but very solid.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Leicester

    Verts and Toby, gosh I have missed that partnership
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    Eric Dier- defender or midfielder ?

    Every team needs a enforcing/defensive midfielder, fair point. But Chelsea have Kante, Arsenal Torreira, City Fernandinho, Dier in that role is well below there level.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Southampton

    I think 6 for Kane is a bit harsh, even though he didn't play to his best, still scored and got a assist
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    Eric Dier- defender or midfielder ?

    Even though I hate Arsenal, I would have Torreira over Dier every time
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Southampton - Match Thread

    Good win, annoyed Harry didn't get a rest at 3-0 up however.
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    Eric Dier- defender or midfielder ?

    If we are too reach the next level I personally feel we must upgrade, his a squad player at most
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter Milan

    Lamela fanboys?? been our best player this season
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter Milan

    Bar the Chelsea game Eriksen and Son have not been to great, whilst Lucas and Lamela have had decent starts to the season so far. Nice to have a dilemma for places, but wouldn't cement Son has a sure starter based on one good game this season
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter Milan

    Sissoko immense, Winks great, but my MOTM Vertonghen, first game back and put in a performance like that
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Inter Milan - Match Thread

    Need more from Alli