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    The Summer Transfer Window POST MORTEM THREAD

    What I don't understand is why we didn't target some young players e.g. 18 or under who would then become home grown in 3 years time. We have 6 full England internationals (I know Dier doesn't count as HG), but where we lack is supplementing this with the "foreign" HG e.g. Bentaleb. I don't...
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    I thought that Usmanov was a gooner fan and hence why he wanted to take full control of them previously? If that's the case, I can't see him being interested in their biggest rivals. I could be wrong.
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    Player Mateo Kovacic

    Sky sports are saying Bakayoko is in talks with ACM Milan over a loan. Maybe this is to create room for Kovacic? Bummer if so.
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    Groupon Tottenham VIP Tickets

    Apologies if already posted but Groupon are selling Tottenham VIP tickets which includes the meet the legends. Prices start from £125 but depends on the match as the midweeks games against S'ton and Watford are the only ones for £125. I think these packages are normally quite a bit more. Link...
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Man Utd don't usually mind overpaying, so I can't help but think that we've told them given them an absurd figure like £70m or Martial exchange or no deal. I think that's why they are supposedly "bidding" for other players, though can't see Boateng or Mina being Mourinho type defenders. I think...
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    Thank you. Hopefully he's had a change of mind or at the very least, tried our best to retain him but it looks ominous. We're losing too many of our best youngsters, which doesn't;t bode well.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    Does anyone know if Omari Forson has definitely left? I've tried searching on Google but can only see the article where it states Everton and Man City want him. Maybe it's just speculation and he's not actually moving (hopefully)?
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 5th August

    This is odd because did we not have ITK saying that Martial had been shown around the training facilities and stadium? You wouldn't do this unless he was a prime target. I understand that lack of CM options, outgoings, HG etc may have changed things but just register 1 less player. I mean, how...
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    Player Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

    Maybe we tell Madrid that they sell us Kovacic and we'll pull out of the race for Savic :)
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 21st July

    Regarding the closing of the transfer window, I understand that Fifa or UEFA set up a task force last year into the transfer window with a view to improving it. Richard Scudamore was on it and a couple of the things discussed, amongst other things, was limiting agents fees to a set % of the...
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    Player Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Agree with RLC signing a 5 year contract, but think Sessegnon only signed a 3 year contract because he was 17 at the time and they can't sign longer contracts.
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    Player Gareth Bale

    Listening to Bale's interview, doesn't sound like he overly gets on with Zidane
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    Player Gareth Bale

    What a goal. I don't think we have anyone capable of that. Would definitely improve us.
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    Dele owns Jack Whitehall

    Didn't this fool Whitehall also present the Brits award this year? Fairly sure it was him and he made a snidey comment about Kane then. When Kane went to present a Brit, he said that it was only the only time he was going to get his hands on a trophy. Think he forgot the 2 Golden Boots. I...
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    I used to hate Liverpool more than Chelsea, but think my mind has changed over the past couple of years, probably since we've been more competitive. The club, players and fans are just nasty. When I look at players like Hazard, Willian, Fabregas etc they just really wind me up and that's why I...