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  • Thanks a lot for just going and disliking a bunch of my posts for no reason whatsoever...
    quote=Dan Ashcroft;2315004]:bang:

    Not sure how one of the best midfielders in Italy and a national team captain with 50 caps can be unproven?

    Especially compared to a... 9 caps for Chelsea, never made the cut for an international tournament, once did some keepie-uppies on a McDonalds' advert... mid-table journeyman.

    Inler is also 5 years younger than Parker, so is approaching his peak, not his bus pass.[/quote]
    quote=DoublePivot;2299276]I think we should stock our midfield with Cherokee and Choctaw Indians. Big lads. We'll need to keep them away from Faces because of the fire water. But they would scalp the opponents in the center of defense.[/quote]

    threadless gold shit right here
    I ain't no mate of yours so please don't refer to me as that. So after 2 games Parker is the best thing since sliced bread, and people wonder why Spurs fans are seen as being so fickle.... Reading your wall posts seems like I'm not the only one who thinks your a complete tool.....
    Don't be a knob all your life, have a day off now and then. I have warned you before about neg repping people months after they have posted a comment. If you have a fucking problem with it at the time then stand and be be fucking counted instead of visiting a thread months later and neg repping a post. It aint big or clever, just simply a act of a coward!!!
    Obviously you enjoyed our 13 goals in 12 league games playing 1 up front... I thought it was liek watching paint dry.
    Are you joking? I literally read that Benitez quote this morning. Google it. If you think it valuable to cover a lot of yardage and do nothing with it, you must be hoping we sign Haille Gabresalassie.
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