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    Russia 2018 General Chat

    may i be the last to say how good some of russias passing and touches were in the final third, i can't remember the last time england or even spurs were that deliberate in n around the box. im gettin on tho
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    Let's All Laugh At... Lets all laugh at Man City

    maybe pep takes some players for bullies and tries to wind them up. or something. it's a psycology thing. i will some point.
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

    [SissoQUOTE="monkeynick, post: 5817078, member: 13886"]Yep. Genius wind up that, ridiculous but not enough that it can just be laughed off. pogba hasnt been three times better. sissoko has been better vfm! Good comparison though they're both squad players LOL
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    Swansea vs Spurs - FA Cup Match Thread

    when lamela does that he makes a mockery of the million other etimes he wasted great positions byy stubbornly refusing to even touch the ball with his right peg. lol
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    Swansea vs Spurs - FA Cup Match Thread

    the right foot. i was there. in spirit.
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    dele is best in the world - poch

    47. Posted by You on 1 hour ago i agree with poch. i watch 90mins of most spurs games and i don't see any other players trying let alone executing 30 yard through- balls with first touch back heel. up there with the best but what makes him THE best is his versatility. he is a great central mid...
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    dele is best in the world - poch poch regards dele as the best young player in the world. i agree
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    Player Player Watch: Mousa Dembele

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    FA Cup: Anger brewing over possibility of Spurs’ ‘home’ semi-final

    i don't understand wtf the problem is as others have said oh no spurs might get to a semifinal at wembley and their comfortable with the size of the pitch now. wtf. haters gonna hate
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    dele was my man of the match even his dive wasn't as bad as some of his others. kane was just tired old man kane. left his leg in there for technical foul was never gonna try n get the ball in the net was just looking tired most of the game. still close to bagging a few. i don't see a...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Man Utd

    wait, doesnt dembele get a +point for being dembele? not that anyone else should Dembele 8+ ( I AM DA BOSS)
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    Newport Co v Spurs Match Thread

    i would imagine myself thinking '' this is going to be a long evening..''
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    Newport Co v Spurs Match Thread

    what t f is going on? what kind of team is that??
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    La Liga 2017-18

    2.2! oh my..