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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    Looks like a tidy little player in the Modric / Tony Kroos mold. I do feel we currently miss someone in the middle of the park to dictate the game especially when sides sit deep. I'm hoping Winks can grow into that role.
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    Tottenham Vs Juventus: Match Thread

    I thought Janssen showed promise. His movement was impressive, on several occasions he found space but the final ball was either poor or didn't come. I can see how he has scored a lot of goals up to this point.
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    Asier Illarramendi (to Real Sociedad)

    Would be delighted if he turned out to be the Spanish Carrick! Quietly knitting the team together and keeping us ticking over.
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    Asier Illarramendi (to Real Sociedad)

    Something we've badly missed since Modric went the other way
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    After yesterdays Morgan Schneiderlin someone we need

    Schneiderlin reminds me very much of Carrick in his pomp. Wonderful ability to win the ball back through their reading of the game and fantastic passers of the ball both short and long. A number of times Schneiderlin switched the play or played a long accurate forward pass which opened up...
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    Has the Captaincy issue damaged MmmPoch?

    i don't think Kaboul being captain it's the root cause of our current issues. We lack leaders all over the park and that wouldn't change even if Hugo was captain (Hugo would be my personal choice for your guide). We have some wonderful technical players but in the next few transfer windows we...
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    Tottenham Vs Newcastle: Match Thread

    I didn't see the game today but the one thing I was expecting to see following Poch's appointment was pressing. I'm watching the Marseille game, who are managed by Bielsa whose style Poch has apparently adopted, and their pressing is relentless and truly impressive.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - THE LAST DAY! 1st September 2014

    I don't really care about signing big name players, I just want players that fit in with Poch's idea's and style. May not be as exciting but I think it will provide a more likely chance of 'success'
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    Loic Remy

    Well said, stretching teams with a threat in behind will hopefully open up space "in betweem the lines" for the likes of Lamela and Ericksen.
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    I don't understand the thinking or logic of some of our supporters - it drives me mad! Lamela is a Spurs players and we should get behind him. It's clear as day that the boy has talent although nobody can say for sure if he'll be the success in the Prem that we all (well most of us) hope. All...
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    West Ham Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Like the team, strongest he good choose in my view. Little nervous about the back four but hoping Dier show's some quality.
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    Eric Dier - Signed

    Don't know much about the boy but after watching some brief highlights on You Tube, which I appreciate can be misleading, I'm struggling to tell you what foot he is. Strokes the ball around very comfortably with his right and left - very impressive! For the record, I think he is right footed...
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    Spurs vs Chicago Fire

    I'm not a Lennon fan but I think he could have place in this side... Hate myself for even saying that! Lennon behind the striker with Lamela and Ericksen could have a nice balance to it. Lennon will be a threat running beyond the front man with his pace which will stretching the opposition...
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    Tottenham sign Ben Davies

    [ Great research!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 21st July 2014

    I don't think the inverted wingers played anywhere near as narrow under AVB as they did on Saturday. Their starting position under AVB was always wide but they would then cut inside to shoot. Starting narrow against Seattle helped the side press better and pick up the second balls played up to...