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    Son Continues to Be Criminally Underrated

    Yeah, I guess Bayer Leverkusen fans agree with you ;). Anyway, love The Son.
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    Njie deal complete

    Would you people leave lilbaz alone. Some of us are trying to get edumucated here!
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    Kilbane lodges complaint to FA after West Ham fans sing sick song

    Spot on. No prizes for spotting the idiot in this thread...
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    Hammers boss Allardyce fuming at ‘NFL’ time

    cheers for that. I never really saw him in Mourinhos unique category for sore losers. I shall pay more attention in the future. TBF whose head wouldn't have exploded if that scenario with the penalty had played out? It would have been the most ridiculous thing ever.
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    Hammers boss Allardyce fuming at ‘NFL’ time

    Can someone explain what the intense dislike towards Sam Allardyce is all about? I just don't get it. It's not as if he's got history with Arsenal or anything. I like him. Seems like a proper football man and a decent enough manager, and he's kinda funny looking as well. His postmatch comments...
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    Eriksen criticised by furious Danish manager, sloppiness, no rhythm, mistakes

    Watched the game and he was very very poor. Olsen is trying something that hasn't been done before with Christian: Firing a rocket up his arse. Let's see if that helps. Since he came to Tottenham it's been the same problem. He can be wonderful playing against the lesser sides but in the really...
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    Nice read NeverRed. Surprised it hasn't initiated more debate. Perhaps people ar just worn out after the events of the last 24 hours, or perhaps you just hit everythng pretty much spot on. Harry was never gonna be my first choice for several reasons, but I suppose it's nice to know it's never...