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    Sissoko: 'Spurs can go under the radar to win the league'

    why post links to articles where you need to register os subscribe to access content?
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    Nkoudou loan to Monaco

    so we ship out this guy but hold on to Janssen
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    Pochettino & Spurs are improving mentally & tactically

    your point is a valid one. But I'm not advocating going as far as Man City or Pool, I accept we are doing it a different way, no issue there. I'm saying we should be investing in the squad, a little, rather than zero investment at all for two transfer windows.
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    Pochettino & Spurs are improving mentally & tactically

    How’s that drink going mate?
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    Pochettino & Spurs are improving mentally & tactically

    I can't help but feel that our stack up of injuries is what eventually cost us. If Levy and Lewis, don't find the extra funds to invest now, then i'm not sure they ever will. Things could go further south from here. Lose to Palace at the weekend, have a little wobble in the league, with a...
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    Chelsea v Spurs - team news

    Well, we only need a draw tonight, and the team you've out here is what i'd go with. Solid from a defensive standpoint, with a touch of attack threat. We need to be cute tonight and grind something out. I'm still not watching though, can take the pain.
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    Parrott in first-team training

    I'm not sure i can even watch this match. we go the Stamford Bridge with a slender advantage, but with so many 1st teamers missing, I can hardly watch.
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    Dele injury update

    At the rate our players are failing to injury, we could end up bombing out of the cup competitions and struggle to stay in the top 4.
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    No tears for Pochettino despite Kane injury

    we are dropping like flies. Once the news comes out that Dele is out for a month, reality will sink in. We need to buy players now, or all that has been gained up till now, could be lost.
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    Team News for Fulham (A)

    Some good news at last.
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    Tottenham get Wembley capacity increase from Brent Council

    most fans but not all. many are voting with their feet already
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    Spurs may still be in Wembley until mid-March

    At this rate they can just keep my season tickets money for next season, since I’ve skipped wembley this season. Far too much journey time stress to get to in and out of north west London. So at least I ain’t got to find another wedge. Wouldn’t put it past Levy to up the season ticket price...
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    Pochettino: Tottenham could not afford to lose patience with Moussa Sissoko

    I found myself wondering what is/was the true situation of the miracle that is Sissoko transformation as a player. I may have asked this before.... Was Sissoko a poor player when he joined, that Poch improved over time, or was always a quality player, but just on poor form? Someone offered an...
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    Pochettino: Tottenham could not afford to lose patience with Moussa Sissoko

    It articles like this that make you want Poch to stay with Spurs a long time. He's coined a phrase and it translates so well to our beloved club...." We are doing it a different way" I just hope this week's utterances put and end to all the all Manu talk the pundits keep going about.