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    Is the real Erik Lamela finally standing up?

    This is a case of the player being loved and accepted by the club management. They have really given him a great deal of support, and he is repaying his due. He has good qualities as a footballer and his attitude is spot on for what fans want in a player. Testament to both player and club on...
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    Winks ready to represent England Under-21s at Euros next summer

    don't bother Harry Winks, just stick to Spurs and the national team mate.
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    Winks among five in England squad

    Couldn't agree with you more. Winks, just back from injury, playing through pain, off to a meaningless friendly, why oh why?
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    Dele wants to lead after experiencing captaincy

    my bad Eric Dier, Sir... good spot... No Kieron, would not be my choice for Spurs :)
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    Dele wants to lead after experiencing captaincy

    Dele is our leader Dele is our leader la la la la, la la la la No worries Dele, just promise to cut out the nutmegs and tricks, and put a solid shift in, and we'll back your captaincy. Although, Kane, and Dyer may be ahead in maturity and would get the nod imho.
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    At last, Pochettino’s message gets through to his players

    I know the goal was chalked off, but i did feel a little of the "here we go again moment" when Brighton headed the ball into our net. So although we've improved, I'm not convinced our defensive frailties are fully behind us.
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    Brighton v Spurs - team news

    not much difference between Dier and Sissoko at present with respect to passing.
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    Kane is not a machine and doesn’t need to score every game – Lamela

    ok fair enough Eric, But can you guys just focus on defending set pieces especially corner kicks. This is getting ridiculous now.
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    Lloris hoped to return from injury against Liverpool (now out for six weeks?)

    Loris is out for few weeks according to the Beeb
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    Lloris court case outcome

    £50k. One thirds of a weeks wage. Peanuts. Hope he learns from it and move on
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    Alderweireld denies Man Utd move was close

    Until we see that familiar picture with Poch, Player and Pen, then it’s all talk. Just get the damn contract signed and wake us up when it’s done.
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    Gary Neville on Kane’s England situation and Nations League

    However you slice it, this comes under the category of a meaningless friendly in my view, and would have much preferred that Poch ask to Kane (England Captain or not) to withdraw from the match, with some kind of niggle. We bought no replacements in the last window, and our key players will...
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    Stadium MK confirmed for Carabao Cup against Watford

    After spending a near 30% uplift on a season ticket, for a similar position in the new stadium, I was prepared for a little disruption at the beginning of the season. But now, with no clear date for the stadium launch and my money in the club's pocket, I'm just not getting up for all this extra...
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    The inside story on Marcus Edwards' loan deal

    from the clips i saw in the article, he would frustrate the hell out of our forward just now. Too many cut back and ball hogging. Clearly gifted but will need to learn when and how to let off the ball to bring others in. Caveat, this assessment is just from the short clips.
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    'I expect to stay at Spurs - Rose plays down PSG links

    Very nearly backfired, but i'm glad it worked out. Poch has managed to keep all the unsettled players onside, even though the situations are not fully resolved. Great man manager