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    I wonder what is Poch’s Plan, what does it translate to when he wants us to take risks? Is he asking for a war chest or does he want to tie down a number of key players on long term contract with improved wages. Does he have a few targets he wants wrapped up before the World Cup? I wonder what...
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    Eriksen: Pochettino has made Tottenham exciting

    This Poch ultimatum to Levy story is getting on my nerves. These two have worked together great up until now, and never fell out, even when Walker left last year and then Toby and Rose had a wobble this year. Once they get together and chat about the future everything will be sorted. If Levy...
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    Spurs could return to Wembley for part of next season

    "Other Premier League clubs would not have a say in the decision, which could provoke anger if it is perceived Spurs are being given special treatment. " Can someone say what is the perceived advantage to Spurs of playing a few games at Wembley, before moving home, early next season?
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    Pochettino: club must 'take risks' to improve

    Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino wants to discuss his future with chairman Daniel Levy, and says the club must "take risks" to improve. Does anyone else thinks this is ominous from Poch?
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    Don't let sluggish display against Watford mask so many silver linings

    i would say don't let the 2 nil scoreline hide the fact it was a very poor performance by a tiring set of players. Poch needs to ring the changes and bring in fresh legs, rest Dyer, Dembele, Alli, Son, play Moura, Lamela, Wanyama and Sissoko.
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    Winks set to return for run-in

    If he is fit, he could help out in midfield, a much as i love Dembele, he needs a rest from the action, his form has dropped a tad. Give Winks and Wanyanma a run out
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    Spurs expect Pochettino to continue as boss

    True, and long term success will take sometime, unless we do it the souless loadsa money way like a few others have. Of course we all want some glory and we want it now, but come on, who better than Poch to lead us into that new stadium and hopefully bring some success?
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    Spurs expect Pochettino to continue as boss

    ha ha, so these clueless hacks think that after demanding absolute loyalty and commitment of everyone involved in the club, whether playing or coaching staff, he will walk away because he missed out on the cup final. Does Poch really strike these hacks as being that fickle? They'll stop at...
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    Pochettino: Spurs can be proud, but money talks

    to be honest the quality of punditry fluctuates, we go times when we have good honest commentators, then we have times when the media and pundits appears stocked full of clowns. i tend to focus less on what the media is saying and more on what our manager and chairman say. But even more...
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    Poch defends Hugo

    1st goal against city he should have come charging out, he ran towards his goal, the 2nd goal, he comes charging out, he could have stayed on his line. We all love Lloris, but of late his decision making has cost us the odd goal here and there. I guess the only reason this is news, is...
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    Pochettino: Lucas to get more opportunities

    He looked good when he came on in the City game. Looks to dribble past opponents. I guess as we secure the top 4 spot, we should give Moura, Wanyama and Foyth some game time, especially if we will see more of them next year.
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    Winks seeing specialists in Qatar to solve ankle injury

    Keep your chin up lad, Lamela had a nightmare and has put it behind him, get it sorted, do the rehab and keep positive. You’ll be back
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    Poch: Toby still has a part to play this season

    Poch is being diplomatic, If Toby's contract situation is not sorted he won't play any major role in the end of our season. Doesn't mean he won't play ever, but he will not be in Poch's long term plans, and that's Toby's choice entirely. Fans are resigned to a Spurs team without Toby now, i'm...
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    Tottenham appeal for Kane to be awarded Eriksen's Stoke winner

    The striker's focus should be on numbers, records and stats in addition to how the overall team performs and what results the team returns. A striker without with a selfish gene is missing an essential ingredient.
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    Alli: I'm better at ignoring provocation

    The moment you go public with this type of sentiment, a great host of players will attempt to test the depth of your patience. Better to let your temperament do the talking, and let the pundits and players notice the change themselves.