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    No FA action over Sissoko incident

    oops, i lost my laughter gene there for a moment. Of course he should be banned, to spar us those 50/50 passes he lays up for his team mates :)
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    No FA action over Sissoko incident

    strange that fans would want to see our own player banned. apart from from him not being all that great a player, he's still one of our players, and having players injured, leaving to represent their country, other returning from the world cup, plus we signed no new players, i would say we need...
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    Toby: Let’s win the title in new stadium

    Good attitude, he is clearly being professional till the end. I'm not sure this will a sway Poch though, commitment to the club/team in his eyes means Toby signing a long term contract. Dembele will get some slack, since he is past his prime, in terms of fitness and age. We need Toby to just...
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    Tottenham need Alderweireld to prove his commitment

    Then we will look soft like them lot down the road. Sign and commit to the club and the team, and you'll play, simples.
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    The reasons why Griffiths and Bennetts left Spurs and why Edwards wants to go

    With Winks to comeback, this is all very promising.
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    Aurier throws down gauntlet to Trippier

    Even if Serge tightens up on the foul throws, silly free kicks and penalties, how is he gonna compete on the deadball delivery side of things. I'm glad he's up for a fight, i can only see him playing FA and League Cups with Trippier selected for the EPL & CL, unless fatigue and injury forces a...
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    Pochettino wants to keep Onomah, confirms Janssen can leave

    not happy for Janssen to labelled a flop by this journo. Ok the guy is no Harry Kane, but just to diss a player still officially on the books this way, ain't right.
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    USA tour squad confirmed

    none of the WC Semi finalist thank goodness. they need all need a rest
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    Harry Kane aims to return for EPL opener

    Last few games of the world cup he didn't look himself. I think it will be a slow Prem start for Kane and for Spurs.
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    Dele Alli says England squad relishing World Cup journey

    Alli popping up a delivering a header we all saw twice at the lane a couple years back verses Cheski, should calm a few grumbles as to why Southgate persist with Alli. Not sure the clamber for Sterling to be benched in favour of Rashford will die down though. I think that baring injuries, the...
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    The truth about 'bids' for Jack Grealish

    What is Grealish's best position and where could he slot in for Spurs? They say he's a playmaker, but he ain't shifting Christian from the playmaker role, and I'm very happy with what i've seen of Harry Winks, when he is fit and firing, so get Jack in for sure, but he got some folks already in...
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    Dele Alli to have scan on thigh injury

    I’d go with a similar set up for our next match, the only change I’d make would be to rest Alli for Loftus-Cheek and change Henderson for Dier. Henderson is solid, but is not looking to go or pass forward enough. He slows the game down. Dier will misplace a few passes for sure, but at least...
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    The making of Christian Eriksen

    It took me a good while of watching this player to be convinced. I didn’t feel he got ‘stuck in’ enough, like let’s say Lamela did or does. But when I began to understand his game and his roll in the team, I can’t say just how much I appreciate watching him play. Whenever he is interviewed...
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    Spurs accept $40 million bid for Mousa Dembele

    He will be missed for sure, ball retention, strength, guile. I've seen enough about winks to give me some hope about the future of our CM position, different player for sure but the kid has a presence about him.
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    Spurs join hunt for James Maddison

    I'll admit I had the same sentiments as this when Tim Sherwood started playing Harry Kane above Adebayo. I just couldn't see it. I guess sometimes it's just hard to work out if a prospect will make it in this game.