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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 8th August

    Last day of window is always billed as exciting but always is pretty shit. Glad ill miss it tbh. Going to cinema. Saturdays now important now.
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    King: Top 4 key for Spurs (Video)

    Can't argue with it but we are definitely good enough to be second so if man city slip up there could be an opportunity to win it. We just need to start strong for a change and see if we can grab pole position early this time round.
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    Martial will not be forced to stay at Man Utd against his will

    Has there ever been a Manu player who has forced a move to spurs??? Now i don't wish to blow smoke up their arses but that would be quite the historic achievement if it happened...
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    Harry Kane aims to return for EPL opener

    Thats not news is it? We know Harry and this August I think he'll do well for a change...
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    Erik Lamela signs new Tottenham contract

    Absolutely. We're actually improving year on year in my opinion. The league positions suggest different but Wembley was a big factor last season. If city didn't rise to brilliance and we were still at whl I think we would have won it. Still, the team will go into this season with more...
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    Pavard linked with summer move to Spurs

    Price just went up
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    Real Madrid to offer £132m AND Bale for Harry Kane

    We'll take Bale, we'll even take the 132mill but they can get screwed if they're looking for Kane in return. A couple of season tickets for Josep Bartomeu should cover it...
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    Real Madrid to offer £132m AND Bale for Harry Kane

    Well we just built a stadium so we simply say we had to take it to finance it and we're still skint. That's not to add any credibility to a crap story though.
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    Allen's surprise at Kane rise

    And what's wrong with giving young players another chance?
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    Southgate : Kane understands selection

    I doubt he was at all happy with the selection but Kane understands the need to respect authority. He saw how spurs used to be when starting out at spurs and how power players can ruin a team. He's not that way, thankfully.
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    Tottenham not looking to sell players until after World Cup

    Quite the opposite actually. If we buy and sell no-one we'll have the most settled squad ever :LOL:
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    Spurs submit formal offer for Nice attacker Alassane Plea

    Not sure how good he is but at least he'll fit in well if he's as nice as they say...
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    Llorente delivers an update on his Tottenham future

    I'd sooner we had Janssen back and let him go somewhere he was happy to go to for free but if he wants to stay he should be treated well. Much prefer we suffered a bit financially than to hear we treated a good pro poorly.
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    Alderweireld still open to idea of staying

    And what about your personality then? Gullible and stupid by the looks of it...