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    Player Anthony Martial

    Yes my gut feeling. The only star there was Mata, the others hadn't done too much to be classed stars at the time. Martial is highly rated by many fans so it does have the potential to embarrass him. Has Jose ever sold us anyone?
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    Player Anthony Martial

    Even if he was to get Toby in return, Jose would never let Martial come to us. He's nothing if he's not media savvy and he knows his reputation would take a big hit when Poch turned him into a star.
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    City and Tottenham submit bids for de Ligt

    Ah shite. I was hoping when i opened this up that it would be Norwich city...
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    Davinson signs new contract

    Wow congrats and well deserved Davinson.
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    Pochettino: Spurs face tough transfer window

    He doesn't talk like he's planning on not being here next season that's for sure. But i think my suspicions are proved right by what he does say. He has been very disheartened by all the negativity of not winning cups. It's annoyed me too because i just support the team and trust in the...
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    You Don't Have To Spend Money - Pochettino On Improving Tottenham

    If we could i integrate Lucas Maura into the starting lineup and get the best out of him then it would make a big difference. A Llorente replacement would be well received but its obviously a difficult role to do well with so little plating time. Maybe Janssen will come back a surprise everyone.
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    Pochettino to celebrate Tottenham achievements

    I disagree. I think everything's fine although we might lose a player or two over the summer. I think the noises coming from the fanbase has been bordering on discontent and i thunk that is just crazy and embarrassing. Poch and his team deserve better.
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    Lloris: Top-four finish 'means more than a trophy' to Spurs

    I agree with you but will never knock a man for being positive with what he has. Truth is we didnt win a trophy so lets be positive abouy what we did achieve instead of being bitches about what we could have. Effort is how you judge a team. That's all they owe you for you're support and they...
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    Vertonghen says Spurs took 'energy' from Chelsea losing at half-time

    Yes and also delighted that the chelsea-leicester bum buddies never got the chance to talk shite about supporting each other at our expense because you know that was coming had we not secured top 4 last night. Fabregas, hazard, vardy, go be fucked! :finger:
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    Pochettino says what every Tottenham fan wants to hear

    Yes and it will be time next year too. We're a good team and always will challenge for trophies under MP. So its only a matter of time. Those who let the media dictate how much time is given before turning into Arsenal fans need their head examined. Ive never enjoyed supporting the team as...
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United Match Thread

    Look people can moan about form and mistakes all they like but i can see that the effort put in over the season has been immense and the lads deserve so much credit for another top 4 finish. Let us not underestimate how tough it was for them to get used to playing at Wembley. We basically gave...
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United Match Thread

    Absolutely. But not every season.
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    Except we've something to play for clever clogs. Read his post again.
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    Stop being a pack of bitches. I was up for Chelsea today. Now 3rd is in our hands again. Easy peasy.
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    West Brom v Spurs - team news

    I think this will not be a walk in the park. Motivation is key. The players might not think it important but I'm sure all us fans think its important to land above Liverpool. Unfortunately I'm on a plane for the whole game and no doubt will stress myself out for the whole 4 hr flight. Good...