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    Match Ratings Ratings vs West Ham

    bus-conductor. in memoriam. Miss that boy. Eccentric, wilful, foul mouthed, over the top but consistently interesting lively and often insightful. Sometimes illuminated my half formed opinions and confirmed my prejudices. Always remember him for 'fuck bumble' Disagreed on Dele whom he...
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    Pochettino: Sissoko deserves more credit

    That's pure 'Marshism' and 'White Van man' prejudice. I've done both of those and will be talking to my legal representatives.
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    Pochettino: Sissoko deserves more credit

    When he plays well, he will be praised. When he doesn't, like anybody else he will be criticised. As are Eriksen, Lamela, Lloris and Uncle Tom Cobley. This is not hate or scapegoating it's normal. He plays badly more than anybody else and therefor gets more criticism.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    I think he only got the assist for that, although he obviously scored at some stage.
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Which Spurs fan wouldn't? He's honest and strong and yesterday due to the confluence of Uranus and the Red planet got more right than wrong including a very good assist. But he made all the same errors as usual as did many others on the day. But honest assessment and criticism IS NOT HATE. He's...
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    Player Watch Ben Davies - Player watch

    Criticism and honest assessment when players play poorly as Davies has for some time IS NOT HATE.
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    Tottenham agree terms with Barrios agent

    We are lacking brains not brawn. But I suppose brains are too expensive. Pity, just as Sisssoko is coming good.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs West Ham

    Better today with more players turning up though against poor opposition. More individuals than team work still. Pretty Good........7+/8....Lamela, Winks ,Lloris. Decent.................6+/7....Moura, Toby, Sissoko, Dier. OK........................5/6......Kane, Sanchez...
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    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Sissoko done good.
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    Spurs Community Predictor Competition 2018/2019

    West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur Half time W.Ham 0 Tottenham 1 (Moura) Full time WHam 1 Tottenham 2 (Kane) BOBB. 7 points.
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    Agree that all managers judged by results. His problem is the limited options at his disposal.
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    Barrios on his way to us?

    Wilma! Cheaper than Sissoko. Better than Sissoko?
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    Barrios on his way to us?

    Not sure I understand the logic of this. It's a signing for signings sake and the first of several if i read you correctly in a position where we already have more than adequate cover of similar if not better quality. 20million down the drain to quieten the baying signings mob.
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    Barrios on his way to us?

    Seems he's well hard but can he pass the ball to a team-mate more than 10ft. away other than the way he is facing? We've already got a couple who don't tick that box. keep looking.