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  • Edgey, yes yes good idea but that's doesn't look like I've spelt it right hmmm... :think:
    You serious?!?!?!?! :lol:

    I thought we were SC fwends??? I even welcomed you back below! ;-)

    Hmmmm I am gullible mind so who knows... :think:

    Plus the ladies go for the nasty men so maybe it's a good thing... :think:

    Am I talking to myself again... :think:
    Dude I thought you'd left!

    Slow on the uptake from me there but welcome back! :hello:
    Sorry for the delayed response Tottenham_H I only just notice your message. Mainly surf Saunton, Croyde and Puts but also visit Wales a fair bit. If the surf is looking especially good I have been known to take the day off and head for Cornwall as well. Where about’s do you surf? I bet you live on the doorstep of a beach or two.
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