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    Match Threads Barcelona v Spurs - Match Thread (CL Round 6)

    Not yet, but hopefully.
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    Match Threads Barcelona v Spurs - Match Thread (CL Round 6)

    No such thing as a weaken Barca team. Still going to have to play at our best to have a chance.
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    Is any team going to threaten the top six long term?

    A club like TH can never take anything for granted & there are quite a few clubs like ours with the right owners, manager & squad that can emulate what we've achieved in the past few years. Everton are certainly one, I would say the likes of AV & Leeds who might be in the Champ now, but with the...
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    Team v Barcelona

    Not sure we have any options & if he plays it will be the making or breaking of him.
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    Team v Barcelona

    Sissoko , Dier CM looks a bit clumsy to me, probably one or the other with Winks, but it's how we deal with Messi, assuming he plays, that will decide the game.
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    ITK Discussion The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 1st December 2018

    We're short in CM with Dembele & Wanyama seemingly f**ked & whilst Sissoko's form is a bonus this is an area where we could do with some additions.
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    Adrien Rabiot

    Too big an ego for me.
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    Mauricio Pochettino

    I think you're right, we never had any control in midfield & we paid for it.
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    The UEFA Nations League

    You won't be saying that if we go on to win the final. Highly unlikely, but not impossible & if it were to happen I'm sure there would be a lot of celebrating going on.
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    VDV Retires

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    Match Threads Wolves vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Not sure having ago at Winks is fair. He's not a DM & needs the likes of Wanyama or Dier alongside him, but we're down to Sissoko who again is not a DM, so we're coming up really short in that area of the field.
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    Team v PSV Eindhoven

    More a case of who's fit & who's eligible.
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    Match Threads Wolves vs Spurs - Match Thread

    I have to agree with you.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Starting to get embarrassing.
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    Match Threads PSV Eindhoven vs Tottenham Hotspur FC - Match Thread

    Not really, there's no way Inter are dropping points against PSV.