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    Away games - loyalty points

    Hi! Thinking about going to some away games this season. Can anyone point me to away games that usually become available to members/general sale? And if possible the approx loyalty point cut off for members?
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    Thomas Cook Match Break question

    Never had my ID checked after collecting the tickets the 3 times i have ordered from Thomas Cook. So i think you will be safe! :beer:
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    Thomas Cook Match Break question

    I`ve done this before. As long as your name is the main booking ID. If not, you will need to bring your girlfriend to WHL to collect the tickets :-)
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 22 August 2011

    What kind of work do you do for them? :-)
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    Tickets for Chelsea - Arsenal

    Im not going. But some of my friends want to go! I will go watch Volbeat instead!
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    Tickets for Chelsea - Arsenal

    :grin: Because we have the weekend in London. So why not ? :beer: It seems like the game is unlikely to go on general sale. So looks unlikely to buy tickets through Chelseas website
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    Tickets for Chelsea - Arsenal

    Hi! Me and some friends are heading to London to watch Spurs - QPR on the 30th of October, and just noticed that Chelsea - Arsenal are playing the day before. Does anyone know how difficult it would be to get tickets for that game / how to get tickets ?
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    New Spurs kit

    I have ordered from unisport several times. Never been fakes before, so I doubt it`s fake now
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    Villareal Friendly

    Anyone got a picture on Spurs TV yet?
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    Stoke Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

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    Stoke Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    12 players starting ? ;)
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    PL 20/21 March

    Really entertaining game this so far!
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    Injury Worries

    Usually 2-3 weeks, or am i wrong? Not sure
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    Man City - Spurs

    Anyone heard any news on when this game will be played?
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    Tottenham vs Everton: Match Thread

    Any news on when the away game against city will be played?