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    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Really nice run of form for Lamela. His run for the goal was perfectly timed and he's having a lot of success in one-on-ones. Trippier seems to be in coasting mode; weird lackadaisical showing from him so far and ideally someone lights a fire under him. Hopefully we push on now rather than...
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    Five talking points from Tottenham's 2-1 victory at Brighton

    Lamela looks very good so far this year. I haven't been his biggest fan and we've spent a long time trying to get him to perform consistently. But having overcome a rough injury situation, he seems determined and clear-headed about his opportunities to help the team and himself to more success...
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    Match Threads Brighton & Hove Albion vs Spurs

    It was a two-way street too. Harry did some really good stuff at Spurs, steadied the ship and then elevated our level, played an important role in Bale and Modric's development, and his career highlights were also Lennon's, Parker's, Hudd's etc. Good times and mutually beneficial for the most part.
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    Match Threads Brighton & Hove Albion vs Spurs

    That was good stuff. We were much more willing to put in a shift and do it with purpose. We can't expect to overrun everyone, especially in a spell of bad form, and we did well to hang on in the period before the 2nd goal. I reckon Poch is emphasizing bravery on the ball - demanding everyone...
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    Match Threads Brighton & Hove Albion vs Spurs

    That was a thing of beauty. And if we're honest, we all wondered if we were screwing ourselves by passing back so much in the buildup
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    Match Threads Brighton & Hove Albion vs Spurs

    The dust in our eyes is from Liverpool and City shooting off into the distance. Must win today, must work like lunatics for a blitz-like performance from everyone, leaving nothing on the pitch. "Controlling" the game is not easily done by strolling around, passing sideways, and going through the...
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    Brighton v Spurs - team news

    Watching Liverpool v Southampton - there's a huge gulf in quality on the ball, but the bigger difference is off the ball. Liverpool get the ball back so quickly it's untrue, while Southampton make half-hearted efforts and if they win it, it usually spins out for a throw or is otherwise not set...
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    Brighton v Spurs - team news

    Kane, Eriksen, Alli, Son, Moura, Lamela These are are top class attackers, and four nearly always get picked while two should be ready every game to come on and make an impact There's a lot of focus on our back line, reserve keeper, out-of-form center-mids, defending set pieces. Those would...
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    Team Vs Brighton

    :wacky:....Step away from the keyboard....:wacky:
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    Team Vs Brighton

    No need to apologise. He's been poor, although some of his work is unnoticed and he puts his body on the line in ways some of his teammates should. But he's a Poch fave, probably because he follows tactical instruction well, even if he seems out of his depth in recent games. Since I think he's...
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    Tottenham need forward momentum to make passing from the back work

    This is a decent article, From Barney Ronay at the Guardian, asking whether Spurs are trying to add another approach to the play-book and linking the difficulties implementing it to injured absentees and team connectivity further upfield
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    Team Vs Brighton

    We need to start winning the physical battles again and play with higher intensity with and without the ball. We look mentally jaded as much as physically so. I'd bring Wanyama into the side for some added physicality. The danger is that he and Dier will compound our problems in possession, but...
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    Match Threads Inter Milan vs Spurs - Match Thread

    We need to shake off some staleness. A reaction to Saturday would mean fighting harder for second balls, pressing more effectively and persistently, and attacking with speed and purpose more than we have. A lot more than we have. And if we do that, we'll steady the ship. I'd be happy with a...
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    Inter v Spurs - team news

    We need to move the ball much more quickly. The problems against Liverpool are the same problems we have anytime we lose poorly to a decent side or unexpectedly to a park-the-bus side. Too ponderous on the ball. Even Eriksen was awful on Saturday for repeatedly wanting an extra couple of seconds...
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool FC

    That was as bad a performance as we've had in 3 seasons. Everyone but Moura and Lamela were awful. Cowardly even. Big job on for Poch to find some form now. Time to ring the changes, with Lamela, Son, wanyama and Sanchez deserving of places to freshen it up and speed the fuckin thing up.