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    The England World Cup Thread

    Whilst Glospur clearly didn't see the second half there are a lot of good points here, particularly that about the Lingard-Dier-Dele midfield. What we get from those three is incessant work rate both on and off the ball, and from both Dele and Lingard, superb off-ball movement. A good team is...
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    The England World Cup Thread

    He divides opinion so much because he's such an ultimately frustrating player. His positive attributes: movement, acceleration, pace, dribbling and ability to get into dangerous positions are second to none. The problem is his negative attributes : finishing is frankly terrible and his final...
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    The England World Cup Thread

    Currently we're playing well. Nice link up play in the middle. Full Backs are a great outlet. Even the movement is good
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    Player Anthony Martial

    To add to that. I actually think that Mourinho might be a terrible judge of talent ... I remember watching De Bruyne at Chelsea thinking 'wow, this kid's got the lot - passing ability, technique, vision, tenacity.' He was hardly used, loaned out in Germany and then sold to Wolfsburg. I wasn't...
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    Champions League 2017-18

    They've also had the piss easiest run to a Champions league final I can remember. Besides City - who didn't turn up at Anfield thanks to their bus being attacked they haven't actually played a single team of real note all competition. Meanwhile all the big teams have either knocked each other...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Manchester United - FA Cup Semi final Match Thread

    Game over I reckon. Mourinho is the master of closing out these sort of games...
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    The guy has physical attributes nobody else on our team can match. Low centre of gravity, best acceleration from a standing start in the team, raw pace. It's clear that his natural attributes are what we need. Perhaps he needs more drilling to get used to the system, but he deserves to start not...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Man City

    Tactically we were very naive. We tried to play our usual possession dominating football, high back line tactics against a team that play the best possession football in the league. Hell, they're probably 2nd best in the world at it alongside Barcelona. There is one way to play against City...
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    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    Interesting... Rabiot would be a great squad addition/1st team player. He could play with Dembele and the opponents would never see the ball, and eventually replace him. We should be willing to bid big money for a player like that.
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    Match Threads Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    Let's not lower ourselves to their level...
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    Match Threads Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    Then get the wide men to drive into the box or cut the ball back to runners. You don't have to have a tall centre forward to be effective with width. City do it pretty well...
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    Match Threads Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    Lucky to be level. Need to step our game up. Cut out the sloppy passes. Use the wing backs more as Chelsea are flooding the middle. Son and Dier are losing possession too easily.
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    Match Threads Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    He's been lucky a few times IMO. Everyone needs to keep their heads today...
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    Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus - Match Thread

    The Italian Job.