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    Golden Cockerel to grace new stadium roof

    If If it was six times as big that would put it over 10 metres in height would look ridiculous and tacky.....not really what we want for the new stadium.
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    Golden Cockerel to grace new stadium roof

    The new stadium dwarfs the old one - it's colossal. The original cockerel would be even harder to spot - needed to be much bigger to be prominent at the new ground. South stand positoin is weird....maybe they want it's shadow to be on the pitch during afternoon matches???
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    Totally Football Show podcast saying today that Areola might be the French No.1 pretty soon. They discussed that in France there is a growing expectation that Areola is getting better and better whereas Hugo is on the downward curve. Just opinion of course but thought I'd share it.
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    Spurs Legends Match In Hertfordshire

    Sound great - If I lived closer I would attend. Is Gareth Howells a genetically engineered mix of David Howells and Gareth Bale??? :):):)
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    I think a lot will depend on Kane and Eriksen's fitness, but also on the new stadium. Very few teams smash it in their first year at a new stadium....Athletico Madrid are actually the only ones who come to mind. Hopefully the fact we are coming 'home' to WHL from Wembley will make it slightly...
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    World Cup burn out

    I'm definitely a bit concerned about our start to the season. Over the last three seasons we have played 10 premier league games in August, winning just 2 of those. Had hoped early signings with a full pre-season might help address this but we could be in for another difficult start to the...
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    When you blag it on the final day...

    I've posted this before, but PL Tuck, this story is for you since you love martin so much!.... Feb 2006 we beat Charlton 3-1 at The Lane. Me and three mates, all of us over from Belfast, waited at the car park exit like excited ten year olds after the game to see if we could catch a glimpse of...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Eric Dier

    Exactly my feelings. When I look at our first 11, it's difficult to see where we could realistically improve the team. Dier may be one who springs to mind. At times his passing can be sloppy, conceding possession which leads to some panicky moments at the back (usually when he play DM). But...
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    Player Watch: Victor Wanyama

    I'd be worried about selling one too many 'big' players in one window. Continuity is important.
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    In praise of...

    Come on, if you're going to use first names of players, at least use the right names......
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    3 Favourite/Best spurs players you have seen

    Gazza, Bale, Kane
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Juventus

    You know he was suspended for last night, right?
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    Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus - Match Thread

    I actually thought we were a bit flat last night. I know we were playing Juve, and a much better Juve than the first leg, but we seemed really static in the second half. Lamela was the obvious sub but I wonder if Lucas could've created something out of nothing... which was what was needed to...
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    Graham Poll: Son's penalty goal should have stood

    In Italy where they are using VAR in the league this year, it has been called the 'death of football'.
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    Player Watch Dele Alli - Player watch

    I don't mind us having more edge to our game...we were far too nice in the 90s and 00s compared to other teams. What does crack me up about Dele is that he actively looks for a foul when the far better option is usually to actually keep the attack moving by passing to someone making a good run...