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    Player Jack Grealish

    Who can Grealish be compared with in style of play?.
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    Team v Chelsea

    Kane will be back.
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    Ryan Sessegnon

    Fulham well in the race for automatic promotion to the Prem. I think we have missed our chance with Ryan Sessegnon. We should have took.him and his brother 12 months ago.
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    Paul Robinson: "Spurs will always be my team"

    I like him too even though he once took the rise out of me for my love of the American West. I forgive the big lug though.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 26th August 2017

    He's good for things like our lineup half an hour before officially announced as he works on the football coverage for I believe BT Sports. He does get info but it's from former players and commentators. It does not originate from our inner sanctum, I believe. I'd rather go with the top itk's on...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 26th August 2017

    Blaino works background at BT Sports studies Iirc. He gets to chat to.ex players, agents etc.
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    Ryan Sessegnon

    Rumours Marcus Edwards is to go on loan to a championship side. A Sessegnon sweetener?
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    Spurs can beat anyone, roars Ledley King

    No need to roar, Ledley. Just whisper it. I believe you.
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    Jadon Sancho

    To quote Roger Daltry "Say it ain't so Joe?" A few days ago I thought we had Sancho AND Sessegnon in the bag. It looks now as if we haven't even got the bloody bag.
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    Anthony Martial

    It's how their chant -often just repeated sounds. YA NI TED . Man City likewise Citeh.
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    Jadon Sancho

    Too late my friend. In my cornflake addled mind, I have built the kid up to be part Messi, more Ronaldo with a dash of Gary Doherty thrown in for good measure.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 23rd August 2017

    Wishing your wife and yourself all the very best. Thoughts & prayers with you both.
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    Tottenham vs Chelsea: Match Thread

    Gutted but certainly not discouraged. There wasn't much wrong with that last 60 minutes perdormancy. Yes, they had the better of the opening period but we certainly did not deserve to get beaten today. I think Spurs will take the frustration out on Burnley next weekend.
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    Ryan Sessegnon

    Like so many on here I really want us to sign this lad. A mate of mine goes down to see Fulham and he's always raving about the lad. I wonder if we will even try to do a deal to bring his twin brother Steven to the club. He's able to play full back, centre back and holding midfielder. Steven...
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    Ryan Sessegnon

    I'm sure I read a while ago elsewhere that RS was at Chelsea when very young but either they let him go or the family fell out with the club. Does anyone know if this is the case because I'm sure I read he would never go back to them?