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    Traitors get out of our club now!

    That's to be expected when you don't have the ball. United had over 80% possession over some five-minute spells in the second half. We also started at a hell of a tempo and some of the lads played midweek as well so I wouldn't be too worried.
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    Would 4-3-3 work?

    He isn't a good finisher, never has been. He just hits the ball as hard as he can and sees whether it goes in or not and he needs loads of chances to score. His shots to goal ratio is 0.14, Crouch's is 0.13, Bent's is 0.22.
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    Coulibaly and Ceballos

    My first thought, too. Already seen Ryan Mason call Coulibaly Soli on twitter.
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    Barton and Ranger not allowed into USA

    I think he was 15/16 so he knew what he was doing, I do agree, though, that it's good he's off the street and he doesn't seem to be causing any trouble now.
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    Barton and Ranger not allowed into USA

    It was armed Robbery when he was a kid IIRC, think he was at Palace before it happened.
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    The Kaboul thread

    His profile photo on twitter. Regarding his footballing ability, personally I've always thought he's got the potential to be a cracking defender, all the attributes you would need and when he has a run he does iron out the mistakes. Potent in front of goal too; always a bonus.
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    U-21 Euros

    I hate Pearce, he's not a tactician at all, a really basic football manager. Young players need technical and tactical guidance more than any and they're just not getting it from Pearce.
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    Ruud Gullit sacked

    According to various people on twitter, his party lifestyle was a big reason behind his sacking.
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    Europa League

    I remember some empty seats but we almost sold out most games. Tickets were expensive though and one of the games wasn't even sold to TV in order to encourage fans to buy tickets IIRC.
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    Kits for season 11/12

    I love super Grant Holt. Also, this video is ridiculous: Xew50XrbOLU
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    You Tube Goals Thread

    Guardado in the Gold Cup n0EyHoe2j0k
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    daniel levy

    Assets are always handy to have in case of financial difficulties. Imagine we get in a spot of financial bother, if we have three or four £20m players the club survives, if we have old players we can't do this and we'd go under.
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    World Transfer Thread

    Betting suspended on Adam to Liverpool apparently.
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    World Transfer Thread

    Lille will be dismantled this summer Landreau Debuchy Chedjou Rami* Emerson Mavuba Cabaye Balmont Gervinho Sow Hazard That is their starting eleven, Beria sometimes plays instead of Chedjou though. The players in bold are looking likely to leave. Rami was sold to Valencia in Jan but was on...
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    Danny Rose

    It was a very good goal, but he didn't get involved as much as I would have wanted. To be fair to him though, Bertrant from left back was getting forward a lot forcing him out wide and too high up where he looks less comfortable.