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    Is our pitch too small?

    Even with smaller more nimble and intelligent players such as Modric and Vaart we struggled to break teams down at home. Our style of play and the lack of intelligent movement from our players is a factor in this but so is the pitch size, to ascribe just one cause to our problems is silly, if...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - IT'S TODAY ISN'T IT? 1st July 2012

    He's used STORM before to means STars Of Real Madrid.
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    Harry Redknapp

    He didn't say he's staying, he said he won't resign and there is a world of difference.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 22 August 2011

    Only over the last few years has Giggs seemed to lose his pace, Martin Petrov is still rapid at 32 and Drogba is no slouch at 33. Owen lost his pace due to injury, it's all about how you look after yourself these days.
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    Wilson Palacios (from Rumour to Transfer Done)

    Form Archibald on SO:
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    Your friends list is empty :rofl:

    Your friends list is empty :rofl:
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    Keane statistic - Keane vs Bergkamp

    got any assists figures? Bergkamp was definitely the more talented player, no question in my mind about that, but keane for all his comparative limitations was extremely effective and people shouldn't forget that out of bitterness.
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    Giovani dos Santos (from Rumour to Transfer)

    Jurgenthegerman on COYS just said "done"
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    Possible KIT CON by the club?

    mate it's all about demand, our kit is in demand and puma or the club being the only producers can increase the prices as they wish, if the demand is low no one will buy it at a high price but if the demand is high they can raise prices assured that the kit will be bought.
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    New Stadium, New Name?

    :rofl: very good, i like it "the iLane" doesnt too bad
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    Le Tissier anti-jew joke

    He's not a good pundit, they keep him around because he's pathetic
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    ANOTHER NEW STADIUM THREAD....Part 2 thanks very much