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    Serie A 2018/19

    Good job inter are in even worse form than spurs. Only a draw can avoid crisis at one of the clubs ...
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool FC

    Dog shit. Missing Hugo
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Eric Dier

    « I always see now, when big teams are doing badly, people say they need to spend another £200m or £300m. I just think it’s crazy,” he says. “People are looking at the wrong things if they think they need to spend money to change things. For me, people use it as an excuse. It’s just my personal...
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    Barca/Inter/Psv CL watch

    Inter for their first win in their third game of the season. Frustrating start losing to Sassuolo in their opener and drawing against Torino despite being 2-0 up at half time. Last night they had icardi and new signing Lauturo Martinez out with muscle complaints. Both will be back after the...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Georges-Kévin N'Koudou

    If you’re saying that a club which earns £250m more than us EVERY YEAR can sign a higher calibre of player than us then yeh I agree. If you’re saying a greater percentage of their signings are successes - clearly not. I thought this was a conversation around quality of recruitment. If that’s...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Georges-Kévin N'Koudou

    Let’s ignore signings made this season because we have none and Man Utd’s need time. For £50m Fred will have to be one heck of a player though to be a good signing. Players signed in past 2 seasons by Mou and in brackets those signed three years ago by van gaal. Success Lukaku (despite not...
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    The 2018/19 UEFA Champions League: Road to Madrid.
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    The 2018/19 UEFA Champions League: Road to Madrid.

    But not home and away ...
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    The Summer Transfer Window POST MORTEM THREAD

    You have spoken cogently and fairly. FWIW I don’t think you are hysterical. People can reasonably disagree and I think that’s what we’re doing. I don’t think everyone has been as measured as you are being now.
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    The Summer Transfer Window POST MORTEM THREAD

    Thank you. That was exactly the line taken by the forums more measured posters. Wait and see. Stop freaking out. Hysteria and criticism is premature. Im glad discourse has readjusted.
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    The Summer Transfer Window POST MORTEM THREAD

    Some people said that the players would see the lack of signings as a lack of ambition. Here’s Harry on that... « The gaffer said he’s not just going to bring in players for the sake of it. What that does is it give the rest of the squad huge belief because it shows he has belief in us, so now...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    I went 22 years ago for Italy v Germany group game. I was 9 years old. Some guy next to me kept talking about Kuntz being a ****. I had never heard that word before so it was very educational.
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    The Summer Transfer Window POST MORTEM THREAD

    Some of you owe yourselves an apology. You’ve embarrassed yourself saying how it’s always the same story and we’ll struggle early doors. Can you see now that having a settled, happy side is actually an advantage early on ? We haven’t and we didn’t sign a single player. Moura HAS been like a...
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    Serie A 2018/19

    Classic inter.
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    Serie A 2018/19

    Milan - Napoli yesterday was fantastic. Milan 2-0 up and then Napoli hit back. Everyone’s talking about inter being the anti-Juve but I think it will still be Napoli. Inter have too many new signings and will struggle for consistency again. Maybe a CL QF though with a favourable draw...given the...