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    The first 5 games

    might of not been outplayed but they had the better chances and bar the Alli miss we didn't really cause de Gea many probs. the most important thing is to not lose, always a good thing to come away from OT with a point, but play like we did in the semi's without the errors and a win is a...
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    Spurs Community Predictor Competition 2018/2019

    had a feeling Trips might start taking free kicks, was hoping for an early one:( gutting to name 2 scorers and only get 1pt for correct result
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    and early on had enough chances to be well in front of Chelsea. a very open game at fast pace, until Hazard came on then Arse dropped a little. if Arse had won that 4-3 I don't think Chelsea could of complained
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Fulham

    you say end product, and his contribution, yet winning a free kick that puts us in front was contributing. yes he does slow it down at times, but those are the times his passes don't go astray.
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    Massive Game...

    have posted in another thread I really hope you stay clear and will repeat in this. Cancer is evil, I lost my mum at the age of 6, and my niece died of it at the age of 37, her sister survived it, as has my sister-in-law. was a great result for you today, and hope you like the visit to the new...
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    Game for Game comparison 2018/19

    OP updated I have added an extra edition on the spread, Goals scored, Goals conceded and +/- GD. I have also added the game for game comparison for the other top 6 teams. their games will be done after the last game of the weekend providing I remember:whistle: August 18/19 Fulham (h) (WBA) D...
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    Spurs Community Predictor Competition 2018/2019

    Spurs v Fulham HT: 2-0 (Trippier) FT: 4-1 (Kane)
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    Adrian Durham - Talk Sport

    but the stadium in March or April when the decided on the prices most probably never had delays, or faults to the fire systems. selling the season tickets took roughly 5 -8 weeks. not something easy to do once the season has started
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    Adrian Durham - Talk Sport

    oh yes I know, but our history is being the 1st to do something, but never domination.
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    Team v Fulham

    when it comes to team selections thinktank decides to leave the think"ing" part out
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    Team v Fulham

    I wouldn't go that far as well rested, his other half has just dropped their 2nd, 1 is most probably just started teething, the other is screaming for her milk at all hours during the night. the poor sod (now on 200k a week) then has to attend double training. I'm only expecting 40 goals from...
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    1984 Uefa Cup Final - Did You Know?

    wished I had more, all I know is if we ever played Feynoord again, and went by the official coach, 1, make sure everyone is told once outside the coach park, split up a little 200 pissed up bodies walking in file with your colours on makes you a sitting duck:cautious:
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    I can even imagine @Archibald&Crooks being at the front of the cue with his studded dildo
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    all we need to do now is let as many SC members that you have pissed off at sometime know your be stood outside at a certain time. i'm sure there will be enough to constitute it being a riot(y)
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    we need a riot caused to postpone the City match, and feel you coming over could just work:whistle: