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    Pubs in Harlow

    One word NO
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    To lift things up
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    Mateo Kovacic

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    Mateo Kovacic

    I can’t be reeled back in like this, I won’t, I can’t god dam it. Mercy Levy, mercy. No more, please sign some grade A class players. PLEASE
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    Ante Rebic

    I bloody well hope not!
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United Match Thread

    Playing at Wembley and qualifying for the Champions league. I would have snapped your hand off at the start of the season. Just glad I can relax on Sunday and appreciate the hard work the boys have put in all season. I’ve been feeling sick since the draw at Brighton and have felt steadily worse...
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    Janssen or Llorente

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    Davinson Sanchez

    Baby batter all over the place
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    Giovanni Simeone

    Born in Spain so shouldn't be an issue
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    Giovanni Simeone

    I want him, please little baldy Levy, deliver him for us.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 1st August 2017

    I am so desperate for some juicy bit of gossip I may rewind 20 years and try and get some completely made up rubbish from club call.
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    Mateo Kovacic

    Kovacic if we got him I would frap myself off silly. Hey even if we were just in for him I would be wristing off the baby batter. For this reason alone I don't expect that we are even looking at him. But hey that's what keep dragging us in the unknown because ever few years Tottenham pull a...
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    Wembley parking

    Getting to and from Wembley in general is a nightmare.
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    Adrien Silva

    I find this possible transfer so underwhelming.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Kyle Walker

    Our main strength is our team spirit and the players believing in Poch and being 100% behind him and his decisions. If Walker is not going to do this or thinks that the grass is greener then he will have to be sold. It would only take one or two bad apples in the squad to spread unrest. I really...