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    Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus - Match Thread

    I’m surprised by the reaction on here tonight... I normally avoid this place after a defeat because of the childish meltdowns that often occur. Im gutted but also proud.... I came on here expecting to read similar comments. I don’t think we can blame anyone or anything for tonight. We are still...
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    Man City v Spurs: Do they know it's match thread time at all

    It’s a weird one because if we had played like this against Real Madrid and been comprehensively beaten we would have accepted it as being schooled by Europe’s best. That is what happened but it’s harder to take from a team on your doorstep. We aren’t at their level - we probably never will...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    I don't think Dier is that poor at CB he just looks poor as the weak link alongside Toby and Jan I am delighted with this signing though. I thought CB would become one of our key requirements this summer to cement our preference to the 3-4-2-1 formation... I remember discussing CBs with a Dutch...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    Based on the chat in the Lloris thread poor Davinson will probably wish he was playing at Everton or Stoke in front of a better keeper....
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    Davinson Sanchez

    I actually don't think Chiriches would do too badly as RCB in a three alongside Toby and Jan. His defending was flakey at times but he was a decent footballer. 75% of the work our CB's do these days is recycling the ball for another attack.
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    Anthony Martial

    I don't understand the thought that Mourinho wouldn't sell to us. It's the Mata thing all over again. Once he sidelines a player then he is happy to move them to a rival because in eyes they aren't good enough he couldn't possibly have misjudged their ability or made a mistake. Such is his...
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    Game for Game comparison 2017/18

    This thread is probably going to be tough this season. Not because I don't think we have a strong team but we set the bar so high last season. 86 points and +60 GD... Holy fuck! with all the negativity around the lack of business and the Danny Rose situation it's easy to forget how fucking good...
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    What Price Hugo ??

    Don't think it was that bad really... It's not like he got tackled doing a step over in his area - he took a touch and cleared it but messed up the clearance. A bad mistake but not a comedy error. If he makes a few of those for France to put off the big boys, but maintains his form for Spurs I...
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    Thomas Lemar

    I don't think it was a lack of faith, I think we were just slow to react to the market. Let's face it more than a few heads turned when Mane was signed by Liverpool. While £35m has proved to be very good business, it didn't seem it at the time.
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    Kyle Walker

    Yeah looking at the team from 15/16 it was Rose who had been named in the last 2 not Walker. It doesn't really change my point though. City has set the bar by paying ridiculous money for Stones. Compared to Stones Walker is the finished article therefore should command a much higher fee.
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    Kyle Walker

    In Walker we have a player who is an established England international, has been named in the PL X1 for 2 seasons running and is widely considered to be the best RB in the country possibly even Europe on his day. City paid £50m based on Stones potential rather than current ability. Walker is...
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    New Kit 18-19

    Playing in white is a big issue too, when it comes to the sponsor. Most companies will have a corporate identity and branding that is designed to be used against a white background, whether it's their main branding or secondary branding. This makes it easier to display their corporate colours...
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    A testimonial for Darren Anderton

    Correct although I don't think there are many suggesting that this should be done because he needs the money. It's just nice for a player and his family to have a day out to respect the service he gave the club.
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    Team v City

    I think the key to being LCB or RCB in a three is being comfortable on the ball and being able to step into midfield. One of the reasons we look so good with the system is because we have 3 CBs which are good on the ball. This is the main reason why David Luiz looks like a much better player at...