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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    I’m not laughing as my other half is going to a cup final yet again while I sit at home alone:arghh: Jealous or what:(
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 17th May

    All the big boys have gone on their holidays
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    Pochettino to celebrate Tottenham achievements

    Seeing as the year we lost at Newcastle last game of the season he said in his book he felt like ‘killing’ the players maybe this season is the one he feels the most proud of? Overcoming Wembley , something most of us thought would kill our season?
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    Adding insult to injury time

    A game against Villa, fought back to 3-3 then lost 3-4, November 1994
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    Player Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    I thought it was his agent who wanted more? If Toby is keen to stay we should consider as he’s a great player, shouldn’t be throwing baby out with the bath water so to speak. As @Hengy1 says if it’s them coming back shows the club are right
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    Player Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Haven’t noticed any pics of Toby in the training gallery? No surprise to anyone if he’s off this summer
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Sorry meant less than 1250(y)
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Can’t remember exactly but think they only offer concessions on seats £1250 and less
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    Semi final draw

    120 only about 3/4 left, 119 tickets still available in first 10 or so rows. 121 not ours or sold out. Good availability in 118
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    Semi final draw

    sorry don’t know how to do screen shot, which blocks are you interested in?
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    Semi final draw

    I just signed in to my account and the Wembley plan still shows tickets available behind the goal
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    Newcastle (h) 9th May 8 pm

    To make up for next season starting with approx 4 away games:)
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    Tottenham stars unhappy with Levy pay

    My boss was always paid more than me, non story!
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    They get more games though don’t they? Cup games? Still expensive but less than £63 per game.
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Not sure of difference between rake and angle if there is a difference but in page 6 of the brochure we were sent it says ‘ the angle of the stands is set at up to 35 degrees’. Not sure if that’s what you were looking for.