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  • If he is as good as he is made out, he won't be stupid enough to come and work for the absolute prick in charge.
    Hey why the dislike and not a simple disagree?
    fat finger, sorry, very hard to undo a rating on the phone!
    That's how the post came across to me, I was not calling you an arrogant prick just that in that post you were being one or that is how the post seemed to me. Maybe my wording was harsh, for that I am sorry but then I take or took exception to the way you addressed the general member here who were "whining" and you telling us/them to "stop whining like girls"
    To be honest I only neg repped you because you did it to me. I was just being childish and I crossed the line. Sorry for what I wrote, nothing personal.

    I respect your right to have an opinion, and I agree that what people from a forum think could not be more irrelevant.

    Have a good day, and again, sorry for the stupid rep.
    If someone is poor, it is not my problem. I am not rich, not by a long shot. Why would someone who can't afford to feed himself be buying a ticket for a football match? It's ridiculous. Selling a ticket for over the odds is unethical in my book, regardless of whether or not that was the intention when the purchase was made. I know we fight like rats in a cage on internet forums but shafting fellow Spurs fans is a whole different ball game.

    Of course I have a problem with the system. A lot of genuine fans weren't able to get tickets for that Milan game and it's not right that loyalty points weren't taken into account (and so on). But faults in the system don't absolve the parasites who make a living from this racket. I'm not interested in a big debate about all the ills of society. To use an analogy, you can't tell me that it's thieving I should have a problem with but not the thief.
    It wasn't a tout you dug out, it was a student who by his own admission had no money and would be left with lettle choice but to sell at that price.

    Again, your hatred should be towards the system, not to the people that take advantage of it.

    Are they any worse than disability fraudulanets, or the ponces that come to England and take the piss out of our lax loopholes? no they are not.

    That stuff costs this country millions a year, far far more than a tout earning himself 15-20 grand a year (About 3 grand in tax) from scalping tickets.

    You may hate touts, but should we get to a major final and you were offered a ticket for 400 quid, you would snap there hands off.

    Your anger is misdirected.
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