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    Match Threads West Brom vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Disgusting since the Chelsea game. 15 players with an eye on the world cup. Fuck em
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    Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    I would love to see the completed passes for Davies today. Beyond embarrassing. Aurier. Stand a cross up ffs. This isnt france. They actually defend here. Think Eriksen is on drugs today. I hate to say it I really do but at the min Kanes misses will cost 6 pts in 3 away games.
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    Player Player Watch: Mousa Dembele

    After the Southampton draw, I thought the season was over. 4 Motm performances later from Dembele, and there is still plenty to play for. What a footballer. Imagine he had been injury free for 5 years.
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    Newport Co v Spurs Match Thread

    Shape wins games. Our side was a mess in the first half. Sissoko it gets worse.
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    Newport Co v Spurs Match Thread

    Being the best of a bad bunch is NOT a compliment!! He has been technically awful in 99% of his games for us and he plays every week!! Its a disgrace!!
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    Newport Co v Spurs Match Thread

    Why is he biased. My dead nan who didnt like football could watch him for 5 minutes and tell you the same. He is the worst first team regular for 12 years at least.
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    Newport Co v Spurs Match Thread

    Another in a long succession of managers at Spurs who will not accept that 99% of full backs in football history cant play on the wrong side. Poor kid is getting roasted. Wanyama is not fit. Whats he doing there? Sissoko cant control a ball at Wembley. What chance as he got? Llorente has...
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    Paulinho: 'Mauricio Pochettino played me out of position'

    Here is another Vardy. Clearly got back on the juice in China, he looks 10 times fitter and stronger than he did at Spurs. He still can't get a game in a big game for Barca. Fine against Getafe and Eiber. He was useless wherever he played for us.
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    Real Madrid 'agree to let Gareth Bale leave'

    55% of league games started in 4.5 years Crock
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    Leicester vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Not a massive Lamela fan but he just done more than Eriksen has done in 4 games.
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    Leicester vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Dier in midfield actually makes me want to vomit. Deli alli in the league this season looks like the worst kid in the playground.
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    Leicester vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    We’ve reached the point of the game where Dier tries to show his leadership qualities by doing a bad Pirlo impression.
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    Leicester vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    How can he keep playing him? The players don't want to pass to him. He doesn't want it anyway. I dont want to watch him. Who the fk would buy him for anything like we paid for him? You know who...
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    Kane: We weren’t good enough vs West Brom

    Against these bus parkers; We dont move the ball quick enough. Particularly with dier in the middle. Too reliant on Alli and Eriksen and they are having too many off days this season. We’ve been unlucky with Injuries. Bullies win you the ball high up the pitch in midfield and it keeps the...
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    Tottenham vs West Brom: Match Thread

    DIer in the middle against a shit club = another turgid performnce. 3 years of it and no one has spotted the correlation. Hes a fking centre half!!!