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    Sunderland Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Im sure some will but u cant complain about that result and performance. I know Sunderland are bottom but we were class second half. The only downside was not scoring more. But deserved win and a great week :-)
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    Players who "got away"...

    Wasnt it samuel etoo who scored a goal for cameroon once and dedicated it to spurs fans as he was close to signing...then for whatever reason didnt and became one of the best strikers in europe. Really wish we had signed him back then
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    Gareth Bale (Rumour to Deal Done)

    I used to watch nothing but sky sports...but has gone downhill in recent years quite dramatically. Was upbeat when setanta sports news cam on the scene....some decent competition...but that didnt last :( I also have to think, would sky sports news be so keen on this story if they didnt have la...
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    Being totally oblivious here but were Dombaxe and Coulthirst the two with dreads? gotta be honest, and i know it was a friendly, but they looked pretty poor. One poorer than the other but couldnt tell which was which :) Other than that agree totally with your summing up. wouldve loved a goal and...
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    World class players who you thought were pants/overated

    Fits in nicely with a conversation i had with my brother during the madrid man u game, got to throw arbeloa in the hat, was awful at liverpool, somehow got a move to madrid and in my view an awful player....amazing how some mediocre players play at the highest level. We also agreed we both...
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    When was the last good team performance?

    I swear people forget how crap we were just a few seasons ago....appreciating the discussion of any thread, does it matter how we play, who scores, how we score....bloody loving spurs right now....enjoy it everyone!!
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    Everton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    ok domainating might be a bit strong, but seriosuly at 1-0 did anyone expect us to lose (except the retardly negative who comes on here after we lost) we never looked like losing, and we shouldnt have done, its a kick in the teeth thats for sure
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    Everton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    damn right, he gave a player a chance to play in the league as we were dominating a game 1-0, how we lost i dont know
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    Everton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Exactly, they never looked like winning yet we collapsed badly, but if we had held out it wouldve been a cracking win, and i for one was not expecting that collapse. I cant fault avb but something eneeds to change defensively....gallas and caulker were excellent for 89 minutes and then went to...
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    Spurs do the Mobot!

    that must be why our defending is so shocking at the moment, they are trying to dance instead of tackling lol would love to see this as a goal celebration though
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    Worst home game for a while?

    i have joked today that i could stay in the pub until half time and turn up for the 2nd half....although not quite correct for todays game
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    Worst home game for a while?

    not blaming the players or any factor specifically, it was just hard to remember a game at the lane where so few chances were created, from either team deserved or not, and we looked so short of ideas. im a patient man when it comes to football, i still expect avb to succeed and will be given...
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    Worst home game for a while?

    Was at the lane today and was so disappointed with the performance, despite the fact i thought the ref was awful, wigan were poor (despite the tactics being spot on, love them or hate them), we just seemed to have no spark and created so little. Anyway, me and my mate agreed that it could...
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    Southampton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    come on, i know its not pretty sometimes, but another away win and things are looking someone else said we are winning while playing poorly, if we can click we could be in for a cracking season
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    Daveeeed taking his badges at Spurs

    talking about ginola just reminds me of that fa cup goal he sciored against barnsley....classic although he scored more than a few blinders in his time