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    Player Watch Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    He must be a nightmare to play against. He gets stuck in, scores a goal, then dicks players for fun. I’d want to break his leg if I played against him. Love that he plays for us.
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    He had a very good game today. Dead on his feet by about the 80th minute vmbecause he gave his all.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    If nothing else, that’s a very well-written article.
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    Team v West Ham

    Ahh...the Christmas Tree formation.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    But I thought you’ve been saying that you’re not claiming Levy has been lying.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    From whoscored:
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    Match Threads Spurs v Barcelona - Match Thread

    Should have started Foyth at DM.
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    Political Correctness!!

    Every time someone uses an apostrophe to pluralize a noun, a fluffy little bunny rabbit dies. Heartless, bunny-hating heathens. They all need to burn in hell.
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    Team v Barcelona

    Dele Aurier Vertonghen Eriksen Dembele Just “a couple injuries.”
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    Team v Barcelona

    Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth Foyth
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    Team v Barcelona

    I have feeing we’ll see this (assuming injuries are as being mooted): Gazzaniga Aurier Sanchez Alderweireld Rose Wanyama Dembele Moura Lamela Son Kane Whiteman, Trippier, Davies, Dier, Winks, Sissoko, Llorente So little off the bench, but that’s what happens when you’ve got a ton of f*cking...
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    Mauricio Pochettino

    ITK said a lot. We have no idea how much was “true” and how much was fed to appear true, but virtually none of what we heard this summer could be proven either way because none of it came off.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    He looked ponderous in the first half - never really getting at or giving problems to Brighton’s defense. Interestingly, he looked much better once Lucas went off and he had someone (Lamela) picking the ball up in midfield and looking to play the ball to the front. It doesn’t hurt that Brighton...
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    Mauricio Pochettino

    So because we conceded in a match in which he didn’t make a change (and in which we had the better of play) completely nullifies the changes he’s made in previous games that had a positive effect on the result?
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Heung-min Son

    I’m just happy for Son and his teammates for winning the gold at the Asian Games. It no doubt meant the world to them - an achievement they can look back upon with fondness and tell their grandkids about. Their elation when the whistle blew said it all. The exemption from national service is...