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    Player Watch Marcus Edwards

    Lock him in a room with Harry and get H to tell how he had to toil to get to where he is. If it doesn’t sink in after that it never will. And then give all career goals and assistance to Harry
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    VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

    Over the two legs, City deserved to lose. Over the course of the 38 game League season, City deserve to and will win the league. VAR could have affected some dynamics within each of those, but ultimately they will win/lose because it’s deserved. I’ve still seen nothing of VAR that persuades me...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    He’s made a couple of mistakes, but apart from De Gea and possibly Ederson I’d struggle to name a keeper in the Premier League I’d rather have as our number one.
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    Champions League 2017-18

    Yep, Jesus missing tonight, not been seen since Easter Sunday o_O
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    Semi final draw

    In a group of 23 season ticket holders, so would’ve been more had a couple of mini groups not done their own thing. All tickets being used by the holders of those season tickets I’m afraid.
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    Semi final draw

    11 tickets sorted, two more due to book tomorrow.
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    Financial Results y/e June 2017

    No disrespect to your brother but he is wrong. Only land doesn't depreciate, the stadium most definitely will be depreciating once it's in a condition to be used.
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    Financial Results y/e June 2017

    Fully appreciate all those points, which is why I included a range of points in my original post. As someone else pointed out, I never thought I’d see the day when a new stadium would ever get built, credit to Levy for getting that done (or well on the way). And i’m not questioning the...
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    Financial Results y/e June 2017

    Nope, because it’s classified as greater than one year and all season tickets would be within one year.
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    Financial Results y/e June 2017

    Interestingly (well,to me anyway) is that deferred income greater than one year has increased from £45m as at 30th June 2016 to £167m as at 30th June 2017. Which basically means we’ve received an extra £120m on cash compared to a year before. This cash excludes funding and would also exclude...
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    Financial Results y/e June 2017

    Couple of thoughts on this - could’ve picked a few posts but went with the most recent. I don’t dispute how the club has transformed under his leadership. His gross pay has doubled in one year though, when the vast majority of the increase in revenue and profit has come from a TV deal...
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    SC Season Ticket Holders Seat Locations 2018-2019

    Think the rest of my group have now sorted their tickets. So, block 209, row 20.
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    Some new rules for CL and Europa League

    Me three. My boss is hugely understanding, but we waltzing out of work at 3pm so I can get to the ground and have a couple of pre match pints could prove interesting.
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    The England Thread

    Goal line technology, fantastic innovation to the game. Instant, definitive. VAR, fucking crap.
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    FA Cup Semi Final - Pub Watchers :(

    There’s also an alcohol ban in the pubs around Wembley before kick off. Not sure how long that lasts but can’t imagine being in a dry pub.