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    Pochettino wants fast start from Spurs

    Need to be making fast starts in individual games too. If we can be more effective at breaking teams down as well then we won't need to be shitting ourselves for the last 20 or 30 minutes in games.
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    The Lawro Thread

    There is literally no fixture that he can contemplate Liverpool losing.
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    Player Jack Grealish

    He was potential and suited the philosophy of the club, which is not to go out and sign ready made superstars. He could have been a potential replacement for Eriksen if he decides not to renew his contract.
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    Levy plans to stay long term but must consider takeover bids

    Not jealous but definitely envious that they won a league title, freak or not. Spurs were built on the concept of glory and even though the progress is fantastic, as fans we should never allow ourselves to be distracted from the idea that the ultimate aim of football fans is to see our club...
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    Player Jack Grealish

    Shame, I feel like we really missed an opportunity there.
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    1984 Uefa Cup Final - Did You Know?

    Back when the competition meant something and had some really strong competition. Pity that uefa put all their eggs in one basket with the CL although commercially it's totally understandable.
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    Adrian Durham - Talk Sport

    True - journalism v punditry. Yeah Kelly has had quite a versatile career really.
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    Player Wilfried Zaha

    Must be about time to...
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    Adrian Durham - Talk Sport

    Someone like Danny Kelly is pretty good though and rarely uses his position to big up Spurs whereas if you give Quinn half a chance, he will wax lyrical about Liverpool for half an hour.
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    This is it for me. Obviously yes, the financial aspect of a new deal would be important for Erikson like it would be for anyone but it's not as simple as saying 'pay the man what he wants', it's also him wanting to win trophies at some point.
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    Player Jack Grealish

    Us too. I think.
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    Levy plans to stay long term but must consider takeover bids

    I never realised that the Cain Hoy bid was so close to realisation. I'm quite surprised that he would change the price at the last minute as one would have thought that someone like DL would have a firm idea of what he would expect for the club. Not doubting you whatsoever by the way, it...
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    Christian Eriksen

    Will he have one year left on his contract then? If DL is willing to sell to a premier league club as well as overseas then several clubs would be interested. DL has to have it at the back of his mind that Eriksen might decide to play out his contract if he doesn't get the move that he wants...
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    Adrian Durham - Talk Sport

    Durham is just clickbait. He trolls whichever fans are most likely to call/text /tweet in. I like Danny Kelly because he's a Spurs fan who doesn't turn his show into the official Spurs fan club like Quinn does with Liverpool. Cundy seems a bit desperate to prove his Chelsea credentials by...
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    Urgent stadium update

    Agree with this. It should never have been rushed like this. The opening date should have been pushed back from the beginning to allow for this. Better to have everything dotted and crossed than to make it look like a rush job. Perception is vital and all this is just allowing the...