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    Girona friendly confirmed

    How can we get tickets ??
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    Who is going to Dortmund?

    Hello ... I am looking for 1 ticket in Tottenham end Anyone ? I am working in Luxembourg and looking to get train or hire a car
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    The Etihad stadium Sunday

    I went when Berbatov played a blinder on his own after we went down to 10 men .. slightly better than the average new stadium But only one I like is Stadium of Light just because it still has the Roker Roar
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    Team for Palace...

    flip me thats a good team we got
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    Halfway Mark Goal Difference

    one positive happy definite Chelsea not going to win it this year :-)
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    Sunderland Pubs to Drink in this Weekend

    I have to stick up for Sunderland as some of my best mates live there...Cannot tell you what pubs are good and bad but usually a very friendly bunch and as long as you don't have a cockney accent should be fine
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    PLAYER WATCH: Benjamin Stambouli
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    PLAYER WATCH: Benjamin Stambouli

    He was used as a sub in that season (was very young) But when he came on he often made an impact
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    PLAYER WATCH: Benjamin Stambouli

    Montpellier least resources of major French teams and they have won the league and generally kicked above their weight last few years. Very happy we have a part of the Languedoc in Tottenham High Street
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    PLAYER WATCH: Benjamin Stambouli

    I live near Montpellier and have seen him play He is a local hero and Montpellier don't do that to every player MHSC won the title when he was 22 !!!
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    Away games - loyalty points

    Cheers for that ... Wow playing on a Saturday at 3pm what a rarity !!!
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    Away games - loyalty points

    is that Sunderland away game going to be moved ? ... hoping to go and will be coming from France so nice to know the date
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    The Luis Suarez Saga: It's official. He's gone.

    if he does go ... blows out of the water all this ... we need Champions League to keep our best players talk
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    Ginola back at the Lane

    Anybody have any idea how i could watch this game Spurs TV etc ???
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    It's all over

    What a bloody day !