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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    I got an email last night from the club (I'm an Executive Member in the new Tunnel Club). I'd written to my contact Thursday asking info. Situation is that Club can't give certainty simply because of the test events. Something could go wrong at one of them and cause delays. Club is wary of...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    I sooo enjoy this thread. Been lurking on and off for ages. It kinda proves the old saying about 5 people having an argument in an red phone box or whatever. The lovely rat-a-tat-tat of opinions, information, fake news and banter about a topic that (presumably) is something we all actually want...
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    Juventus vs Tottenham Hotspur Match Thread

    An awesome final 80 minutes. We do need to cut out the poor starts making things difficult for ourselves. But youth makes mistakes and that’s how you grow as a team. Tonight was about experience v youth, savvy v tenacity. And youth plus tenacity ‘won’. The nature of football is that individuals...
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    Pochettino accuses English football of hypocrisy

    Ridiculous headline, exaggerated article but sensible quotes from Poch. Regardless of all his other attributes and the fact he’s Spurs, he does conduct himself with more class than the other Top 6 managers. Wenger is one-eyed, Mourinho is who he is and Klopp is klopp, Conte is in a state...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Haven't started drinking yet !
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    I think it’s about time that Harry Kane focused on a real record. Something that might actually be difficult for him to reach. Or at least it will take him a while. Pele scored 1,281 goals in 1,363 games. So, Harry should be aiming for 1,284 goals or more. That would cut out any debate...
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    Tottenham will smash their wage ceiling to keep Harry Kane

    Well, for the first and only time in 2017 I clicked on a Daily Mail link. I wanted to check if anything’s changed in the past year. Nope. Nothing’s changed. A mish-mash of old photos, a video link and some jumbled historical facts. Plus a quote from Harry lifted from the TV interview about his...
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    Team v Palace

    I’m not sure how many people have noticed this, but Spurs remain undefeated with Davinson Sanchez in our side. We drew his first appearance when he came on as substitute against Burnley. Since then, we are P10 W 8 D2 L0 when he has started. Put another way, our 3 defeats this season were...
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    Tottenham vs Liverpool: Match Thread

    I was at the game on Sunday then came home to watch the match on Sky 'as live'. Finally I watched MOTD recording Sunday night and again last night. Yeah, bit of a wankfest ! In my opinion Henry and Keown are two of the best, most intelligent pundits in the media. They praise Spurs and criticise...
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    Inside story of Gareth Bale's record £85million transfer

    Wow there have been some 'non articles' to click through to, but this one is right down there with the worst. Levy pushed hard on sale of Bale to get the best price and terms for Spurs. "Gritty details ...". Don't waste your time. There are none.
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    Tottenham join Juventus in race for Valencia right-back Joao Cancelo

    To save clicking through to this bait. No quotes. Zero evidence. Minimal research. Ingredients: Trippier injury, Juventus, Spurs transfers-storyline, mix, stir and serve. Of course, we may sign Joao Cancelo or we may sign other RBs or none at all. But this article in the Mail won't enlighten you.
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    Poch on signings...

    @whitesocks I don't think MP is saying Walker is obsessed with a return to Sheffield. He's saying he's a northern lad who's been mostly 'down south' for 9 years and logistically, probably culturally, Mancs is nearer where Kyle wants to be at 28 yrs than London / South East. Might or might not be...
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    Despite spending nothing, Spurs' ambition should be lauded not questioned

    One of the better articles posted here and worth clicking through to. The Telegraph is one of the best sports sections. Interesting basic comparison with Arsenal's history. I'd forgotten how much their Carling final defeat to Birmingham cost them. If they'd won that, who knows? I'd like to see...
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    Tottenham batten down hatches over Dier

    Never EVER trust an article with the word 'braced' in it.