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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - THE LAST DAY! 1st September 2014

    Likewise, small donation but off on holiday Thursday
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    5 New Words You Won’t Be Able to Support Spurs Without

    Made my Monday!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 18 August 2011

    Look I never post but surely the Modric discussion has been done to death! Let's accept that he will be going, either today, end of the month, January....... We have our first game tonight so lets try and be put a marker down for potential ITK signings!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 21 June 2011

    I'm up for a gazebo signing as we all know marquees are big time.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 27 January 2011

    I'm a voyeur and have been lurking on here since I stayed up all night back in the day to find out we had signed Rasiak! I vowed never to leave until we signed a proper striker.......I'm very tired!
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    Jonathan Woodgate (TRANSFER DONE)

    Doesn't his missus support the team we recently thrashed at home?! Some insignificant North London club I seem to remember.
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    Fantasy Football / IKnowTheScore / SC Prediction League

    When are the 07/08 comps starting? Are there any plans to start these up any time soon? The Official Premier League Fantasy Footy is up and running already I believe.
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    I played golf with Glenn Hoddle and Gary Lineker but that's where the Spurs link ends! Best round of my life too! Doesn't even near the feel good factor of that story though. More stories please.
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    The Jenas Effect.....

    The Jenas debate rolls on....... I would personally be very glad to see him back and playing. As mentioned earlier, in out biggest and ultimately worst game of the season he showed true character after coming on. For me that speaks volumes.
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    Enduring Another Spurs Away Day

    I read in an earlier post 'that we were rarely troubled'! Well Cardiff had many opportunities but their finishing was woeful and that's being polite. Any team with a ounce of finishing pedigree would have seen their name in the next round of the cup. Yes the main thing is that we are still in...