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    Spurs in the USA

    I'll be at the LA game, I'll be with Portland Spurs
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    The NFL Thread

    Finally feels like my team is firing on all cylinders.
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    The NFL Thread

    Wow. I thought I lost my fantasy matchup for sure. Thank you Stefon Diggs (y)
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    The NFL Thread

    LeVeon Bell and Martavius Bryant got me a combined 6.1 fantasy points..... Against the Browns. Lookin like week 1 just ain't my week.
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    The NFL Thread Ouch. Im sorry @werty. But it sounds like he'll be available week 1?
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - POST MORTEM

    Glad we finally got Llorente, albeit I wish it was earlier in his career. I remember getting extremely excited about him when we "almost" signed him the first time.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - DEADLINE DAY!

    Time for the dominos to start falling....
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    The NFL Thread

    im in, as always!
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    The NFL Thread

    Really happy about Leveon Bell's game today, but i had both Terrelle Pryor AND Matt Forte go down. There goes my playoff chances.
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    The Poch has been confirmed as manager thread!

    Never been happier to be wrong. Also fuck mate, get a life :ROFLMAO:
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    Which name to get on this years kit?

    Yeah I know, getting a kit with a players name on the back is for kids etc etc. I get a new kit every other season and for the first time I honestly can't decide on who to get because I have a legitimate man crush on so many of the players. So figured I'd leave it up to you dweebs. Who should...
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    The NFL Thread

    If you want to watch a comically awful game, turn on the Dolphins v Browns game. First 4 plays were an interception, delay of game, botched snap fumble, and lost fumble. And Terrelle Pryor is getting snaps at both WR and QB. This is making me feel so much better about how the Seahawks are doing...
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    The NFL Thread

    Not sure how to feel about my trade (despite being the one to initiate it). Rawls is a huge question mark, and Dez Bryant has a literal nobody throwing to him.... But both have RB1 and WR1 potential. But I needed a strong RB after Woodhead got injured. (And DeAngelo Williams will be a backup...
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    The NFL Thread

    Andrew Luck just won me my matchup singlehandedly