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    Champions League 2017-18

    He's still got a daft barnet.
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    The Championship 2017-18

    Top game for the neutral.
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    The Championship 2017-18

    My eldest son will be happy. He's at uni in London and lives in Fulham. Him and a few pals have nabbed season tickets at Craven Cottage for next season for £320. They'll rocket if they get promoted.
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    Part 3 of JimmyG2's Style guide to posting on Spurs Community

    Thirty years? My lot don't make old bones. Can't we make it 30 minutes as I've been promised a cup of tea and a tunnocks teacake for elevenses.
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    Part 3 of JimmyG2's Style guide to posting on Spurs Community

    To clarify: can still type 'fuck' and is that an inappropriate colon?
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    The punctuation is so poor in that letter that it belongs in the "what our opponents fans are saying" thread.
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    Vintage Spurs Shirts

    50th fucking quid? Lol
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    Player Thomas Delaney

    Yep, Thomas is indeed uninspiring. Delaney, on the other hand...
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    I predict that England won't win.
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    When you blag it on the final day...

    He's not even that big. 😞 He was, and still is, my goalkeeping hero and the reason for my 45 years of misery with a few scattered moments of ecstasy. He was charm personified but I couldn't help but be a little let down when I met him as I was a good 3" taller than him.
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    1981 FA Cup Final Replay

    An interesting fact (well, I think it is) is that Ricky Villa wore the no 5 shirt for the whole season and Steve Perryman the no 6. On the Saturday they swopped shirt numbers. I remember as a 13 year old thinking "why have they done that?". I'm not sure that it was coincidence that they changed...
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    1981 FA Cup Final Replay

    See that big gap in the clock end? I was to the right of it. One of the best nights, seeing Highbury full of Lillywhite.
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    1981 FA Cup Final Replay

    Indeed. I couldn't get a ticket for either game (managed to get get to the Highbury semi-final replay). Listened to the replay on the radio as I'm pretty sure sure that it wasn't televised.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Leicester City - Match Thread

    Watched it in a bar in Benidorm old town. 5 tellys with 4 different games on. Loads of scousers in there. Was quite beautiful. They took it in good humour. I think. My missus doesn't. Got told off.
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    A couple of strange threads started recently. Notably by one member...