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    Champions (alasdairgold credit)

    Good work there.
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    Match Threads Newcastle vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    Right, I'm still a work. How are we doing?
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    Positivity Thread

    Positively negative?
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    You guys kill me. Lol

    You guys kill me. Lol
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    A rant

    There's a transfer forum...?
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    The Golf Thread

    I'd love to get over there but doubt I'll be able to. However, Sandwich 2020 I'm havimg a week off and going every day. It's only down the road to me.
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    The Golf Thread

    Get in there Frankie!
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    The Golf Thread

    No champions walk down 18 though. Be pretty pissed off. Lol
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    The Golf Thread

    And Rory drains the eagle putt!
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    The Golf Thread

    Last half hour has been carnage.
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    The Golf Thread

    Not me. I'm rooting for Molinari. And Rose but I think he's going to run out of holes.
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 28 (11 July)

    I think he's been fucking useless since he came on. Strutting around like someone's nicked his ball.