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    Boxing thread?

    Whyte and Chisora are much bigger names, casual boxing fans won't know who Warrington or Frampton are.
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    the UFC thread

    Nick Diaz vs Masvidal has been made for March 2nd. Diaz has been on sidelines carping about the quality of fighters that woodley fights, yet he returns to fight a 9th ranked fighter.
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    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    There is more chance of me getting a game.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Fernando Llorente

    Why use Llorente when Son as shown that he's a much better backup?
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    the UFC thread

    To get his name, his brand better known in Asia.
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    the UFC thread

    Boxing, probably be nothing more than an exhibition bout.
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    the UFC thread

    Typical racist shite from Connor McQuitter.
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    Levy plans to stay long term but must consider takeover bids

    Probably but then it's unrealistic to expect us to qualify for the CL all the time.
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    Match Threads PSV Eindhoven vs Tottenham Hotspur FC - Match Thread

    That could be said also of previous seasons.
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    Barrios on his way to us?

    It's like summer never happened, some people never learn.
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    Richard Keys on Roy Keane

    Fool, he's been listening to, too much Adrian Durham.
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    the UFC thread

    No, I think it has more to do with Dana not liking Stipe. He wants a different champion. I think the only way Conor v Khabib 2 happens is either if Khabib loses to Ferguson or Khabib gets paid a ton of money. If he fights Diaz beforehand there is a good chance he will lose, then there is no...
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    the UFC thread

    i don't understand why Lewis is being given a title shot, even he said he isn't ready for a title shot. Dana playing favorites again, what other reason is there for Stipe to not get his rematch.
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    the UFC thread

    It's been reported that Danis called Khabib a fucking Muslim rat.
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    the UFC thread

    Have a look at the video I posted in the previous page.