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    Player Gareth Bale

    And I personally think you’re wise not to. His performance last night no doubt added a good few million to the asking price. The only way I see a deal happening is if the player himself takes a massive wage cut and Levy gets creative over paying the inevitably large transfer fee. I just can’t...
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    Champions League 2017-18

    Real are my second team - not something I often mention through fear of accusations of being a plastic. So this win is super sweet for me. Maintaining the crown. Subjecting the Liverpudlian victims to weeks of crying. And an ex Likywhite scoring the winning goals. Perfect.
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    Sleeve sponsor

    You know, you have to wonder what a football club needs with an "official tyre partner". I mean, do they give free tyres for use on the team bus?:cautious:
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    Sleeve sponsor

    We've been promoting those tyres for a while now though. At least a year. So I doubt this is so unless the tyre company wants to pay for a broader advertising package.
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    Wanyama rules out Tottenham exit

    I agree. Obviusly he has struggled this year, but now he can work on his fitness this summer. The player from the prior two seasons is still in there.
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    Well worn cliches...

    Ah, see now this you don't get! The number of "tops" is a scale for just how good a player is before hitting world class. For instance, your Kevin Wimmers of this world will be a top player. By the time you get to your Davison Sanchezs you'll be on to top, top, top player. Of course world class...
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    Well worn cliches...

    I dunno. I've never heard this cliche. Who said it? Souness?:censored:
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    Well worn cliches...

    Transfer cliches are my most hated. "Swoop" "Monitoring" "Great admirer of" "Gets his man" "Dream move" "Snatched up" "Advanced talks" "Join race/chase" and so on. Oh and I despise the of often used by fans cliche of a player having been "immense". I swear those that use it had never...
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    Poch signs!!!

    Owing to a busy day yesterday i’ve only just seen this. This is by far the biggest thing for us since he first joined the club. I feel we are at that turning point where we either stick or twist and either Poch is in it for the money or he has gotten the much rumoured assurances from Levy...
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    Your all time most notorious piece of ITK

    "Aquayid threatening to take SC to court after he'd been busted as a fibber " What was this about? And whatever happened to the POTL guy?
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    Personally I think this is a better appointment than some are making out. He's won ten major honours in just five years, four of which were with Sevilla, where he can't be accused of having millions to back him up - and at forty six he has time on his side to build a dynasty. Frankly it is a...
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    I think also it's a frightening job. You go to Chelsea, City or United you have a set up underpinning the big money spending. Spurs and Liverpool you have a project. Arsenal? Wenger was so ingrained in that club that there is now a massive gulf. Unlike any other top six club it needs a total...
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    The managerial merry go round discussion

    Wenger must be licking his lips at all these vacancies...
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    No one will notice if he doesn't have as many days off as Ozil.
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    Hmm, on the right - "The government promised us Brexit, just hurry up and give it to us!"