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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 18/19

    They all seem to be Spurs fans in that thread. Why are all these Spurs fans posting on a Utd forum?
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    Your all time most notorious piece of ITK

    The Arshavin saga tops anything I have seen on this forum - that transfer window was just absolute chaos on SC.
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    Adding insult to injury time

    Gallas' worldie out of nowhere (when he played for Chelsea) at the Bridge absolutely crushed me. That is the one that stands out. Battled so hard in that game against the best team in the country by far. That lost point proved to be costly in the end as well.
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    GORETZKA: A Natural Replacement for Dembele

    We already have Onomah.
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    Tottenham vs Real Madrid - Part II: The Match Thread

    I like Wright as well. Stumbles over his words a bit but always speaks honestly and just seems like a good dude. And it is so clear he is a closet Spurs fan.
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    Dier Over Sánchez A Rare Pochettino Mistake

    I actually think Dier had a really good game despite the mistake leading to the goal. Tbh it was as much Vertonghen's fault as it was Dier's. I just hope Poch isnt deterred from playing Dier at CB, as I do think he is a far superior player in Defence than he is in Midfield.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    Skipp looking very impressive.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    Playing some lovely football so far.
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    Would King get in?

    Honestly the question should be 'Who gets cut if King is playing?'
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    Premier League 2017/18

    Lemina for Southampton looks a fantastic player.
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    Player watch: Josh Onomah

    Rarely do I say this but the backing music to this vid is perfect. So smooth - just like Onomah.
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    Player watch: Josh Onomah

    What have Villa fans had to say about his performance?
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    Player watch: Josh Onomah

    Fucking get right in there Josh
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    Probably because watching him play there he looks exactly like a centre back awkwardly playing in midfield. He played in mid out of necessity a couple of seasons ago and provided a defensive balance to the midfield duo Poch loves that was badly needed, but his role there has now become...
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    Player watch: Josh Onomah

    Agree completely and possibly the reason he hasnt received more gametime in CM under Poch. If you look at Winks he is constantly trying to find little pockets of space to receive the ball...he is always looking for it. I know they are completely different players but Onomah doesn't do enough...