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    There or not there?

    It's fair to say that you do get a different perspective whether you're at the match or not. I often read the match day thread and think 'blimey, you're not all there, are you?'
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    Declan Rice pledges future to England

    There's this Irish bloke I know. Every opportunity he gets, he goes on about that handball goal, again and again, citing the unfairness of it all. I used to argue with him about it, engage in a bit of banter as you do, but, more recently, I've just sat there and listened. It got to the point...
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    Player Watch Player watch: Son Heung-min

    I asked my Dortmund friend if he knew how many goals Sonny had put past them over the years. He shook his head and said 'Nein'. 'Well done' I said.
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 18/19

    Dortmund friend of mine asked if I was going to take the piss. 'That's not how I roll, my Teutonic friend' I said. 'My humour's much more subtle than that. In fact, it's quite drei.'
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    Declan Rice pledges future to England

    There are those who will criticise Declan Rice for this decision, but it should be noted that he's only following the lead of his club captain, the one and only Mark Noble. Noble was also eligible for Ireland and England, yet decided at an early age that, when it came to international football...
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 18/19

    Jon, bless him, hasn't let it lie. Upon being told that Spurs' fans were of the opinion that Oliver had massively favoured Leicester, as evidenced by the crowd reaction, Jon replied: "Thick spuds fans just shout for anything. Worst than Stoke! We didn’t do any fouls until nearly an hour had...
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 18/19

    A lot of us on here think Michael Oliver's performance was one of the worst refereeing performances we've ever seen and I've finally managed to track down a Leicester fan who thought the same. No, wait...
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    Genuine Question - Harry Hotspur

    I think it's fair to say that HH is not without shortcomings. I think it's fair to say that midget porn is not without shortcomings too. :woot:
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Leicester - Match Thread

    There were lots of posts in today's match-day thread I didn't much care for. This one, though, I liked a lot...
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    Stop being a nob.

    I know someone with that surname too. But that's another Storey.
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    Stop being a nob.

    Yes, a knob is a handle and what do we know about handles? They're something that stick out. They're something that require pulling. They're something that allow you to effect entry. And that's why we call the male appendage a knob. And not a nob. FFS. Listen to the Fox. He knows of what...
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    Pick the new entrance music at the new stadium...

    To be fair, of all the films in all the world, no other can boast a scene where the quintessential duality of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is laid bare as when the Good guns down three would-be assassins and says 'You're Spurs', only to find that he has in fact been ambushed by the Ugly who...
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    Pep has stated at his press conference that the title race isn't restricted to just the top two or three. "There are 39 points to play and it is not too much if you are nine or 10 behind," said Guardiola. "I never said Tottenham are not there. United making this run every single week and they...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    Winks' stats today... 111 Passes 89% Pass Accuracy 14 Ball Recoveries 2 Duels Won 1 Tackle 1 Knee-slide after the goal that made him look like a midget on a skateboard Well played, Harry.