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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The mp3 Edition! 29th July 2014

    Sorry for going way off topic but I've got a new touch screen tablet and have accidently pressed a couple ratings, I have removed them but if there are any I've missed then let me know,,, now back to itk COYS
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Copacabana Edition 16th May 2014

    If Barca, Madrid and Arsenal all lose their last game and managers leave then is it worth takin the risk of losing Poch or FDB for the very slim chance of getting Ancelotti
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    The "LATEST NEWS" Daily ITK Tranny Disco Thread 28th Jan 2013

    I'm more of a read only than poster here so go easy but I was thinking if Defoe is out long term why not say he's 50/50 for weds but def back for the weekend which covers their story till the window closed, #justsayin
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    Oh when the spurs

    Oh when the spurs