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    Ousmane Dembélé

    A loan now? No pre-season, bedding in players and no guarantee to start. Would fit more there.
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    Spurs pre-season 2018

    Can we get a redo on these kits.
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    Spurs pre-season 2018

    Who needs Bale when you got Sissoko. :whistle:
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 24th July

    What if what Toby did sets precedent to allow other players to try the same thing.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 11th July

    Training ground last time, stadium recently. A second visit I guess.
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    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    Article says loan. But would make no sense.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 13th June

    Didn’t previous itk say Barcelona was the only bid at 22 million euro? How do you play hardball with Toby when your options are 80 or 22 million?
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    Jack Grealish

    Couldn’t a 20 million punt be more compared to Dele at 5 than to blowing 30 on Sissoko? Don’t see the point of arguing about it until the whole picture is painted. Could end up with a De Ligt, Martial, CM and Grealish where it makes some sense. Obviously no one wants Grealish as a stand alone...
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    Gareth Bale

    Doesn’t the Ronaldo factor come into play? If he wants to go to United..
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    Gareth Bale

    errrrr. Didn’t he just go back over £100 million after tonight? Think he’s just gunning for more guaranteed play time.
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    First away game tomorrow

    is there a meet up spot or anything tomorrow in Swansea?
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    Liverpool tix help needed

    Coming into the U.K. and need tickets for the game. StubHub is gone and they advise me to ticketbis but I'm not sure if that's considered legitimate. Isn't there a ticket exchange available or does Wembley need to sell out first? Oh and I tried the OS but there's only single tickets available...
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    Two free tickets vs Bournemouth

    Looks like mr too much caffeine. @nicdic i assume that's your real name on your passport or ID card but it's best that i somehow get a confirmation before I email StubHub.
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    Two free tickets vs Bournemouth

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    Two free tickets vs Bournemouth

    Alright guys. Gonna get a final count and do this right now.