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    Vertonghen named UCL Player of the Week

    Rolling back the years performance Super Jan 👍
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    New Stadium Update – Arsenal fixture at Wembley

    Not a news story, we all knew the scum bag game would be @ Wembley. Loved the idiots on TalkBilge today trying to sensationalise this news 🤡 - we’ll beat them anywhere even the moon if needs be!!!!!
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    Spurs may still be in Wembley until mid-March

    This is becoming farcical! Although I’m tired of Wembley, let’s just make the decision and stay until the end of the season and open the new ground with a proper fan fair in August. We’re running out of time this season and would feel like a fudge imo
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    Spurs must improve to be title contenders - Pochettino

    Agreed that the number of games caught up Vs Wolves, pedestrian build up and certain big time players went missing! Although frustrating, are or were we ever title contenders based on the squad depth and Wembley. Poch is doing a fantastic job and if we land Top 4 and a Trophy 🏆 it will be...
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    Spurs v Wolves - team news

    Save Aurier for Tranmere and games of that ilk. KWP now above him in the pecking order.
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    Son to miss games after call-up to South Korea squad

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    Dier: Football needs feisty derby games

    Loved his celebration and the reaction in the away end. Somebody tell me what was the difference between Dier and Ambeyang goading of the Spurs fans after his 1st goal. We’re always the bad guys!!! Roll on the next few weeks and we’ll see those muppets again! Bring on the lap of honour and...
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    Pochettino believes Sissoko is turning around Spurs career

    I’ve been Sissoko harshest critic. But massive 👏👏👏👏 over the last few weeks. We’re scrapping and getting results especially on the road and he’s been immense and played a massive part.
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    Club Statement – New Stadium and Financial Update

    No words 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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    Lloris is making too many mistakes - Jenas

    Tricky one, last Saturday @ West Ham he won us the points, PSV awful mistake. Poch backs him to the hilt so don’t expect him to be dropped. Gazza has to be #2 not Vorm
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    Glenn Hoddle 'seriously ill' in hospital

    Come on Glenn, from everybody @ The Yid Army get well soon and keep fighting. Born is the King of WHL
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    Denmark and deadly Eriksen too good for Wales

    Totally agree, want to see more from him IMO
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    Positive steps for Winksy

    Deserves a start against Liverpool, adds some creation to that midfield.